Yesterday was supposed to be the tour-de-force of Announcing with Dave O’Brien in the first game and Joe Morgan miraculously doing both New York games. Well Dave O’Brien and co. just talked about coffee for three hours and Joe Morgan only made it 5 innings before heading to the rained out Yankee Stadium.

Side note: Don’t you think that they should have had the Twins game at night because it’s in a Dome? Games at night are much more likely to be rained out….not to mention that the Twins/A’s played the day game the day before.

Anyways, here are the HighLowLights….

Early Game (Dave O’Brien, Rick Sutcliffe, Dave O’Brien):

“Bonser is one of those closer type starters”- Dave O’Brien, I’m not even sure how to begin to understand that.

“Swish is just a treat”- Eric Karros, EK was commenting on his former teammate Nick Swisher. Apparently Erin Andrews doesn’t have anything to worry about.

“Word is Tom Seaver goes for the Mets today”- Dave O’Brien, You ruined the World Cup and now you’re trying to be funny. Just shut up.

Afternoon Game (Gary Thorne, Joe Morgan, Steve Phillips):

“The Dodgers have a lot of guys on the infield that were shortstops. That means they can catch the ball.”- Joe Morgan, Umm what? I would hope ANYONE in the majors would be able to catch the ball.

“If you’ve ever wanted to shove one down a third baseman’s throat now’s the time.”- Gary Thorne, GT was talking about Mr. Wright moving in when Kenny Lofton was up….but you know who else might be (w)right? Me Baby, Me.

“That was a smart play”- Joe Morgan, This comment was just retarded. He said this after John Maine the pitcher was trying to bunt with no one on. The crazy thing was that everyone in the booth agreed with him.

“1 Ball and 1 Strike Count…he fouls one back…and the count stays 1 and 2”- Gary Thorne, Not to be nitpicky here, but come on. You get paid 6-figures to be up in the booth at least get the count right.

And finally….

“In a five game series winning Game 1 becomes so important to get off the schnid.”- Gary Thorne
“Yeah, and it’s especially important in a short series, a 5-game series.”- Joe Morgan

Captain Obvious ladies and gentleman. I swear that Joe doesn’t listen to what anyone else says. I would also love to get a “Time of Possession” stat on Joe and whoever he’s in the booth with. He just doesn’t shut up. Ever. Back later with highlights from the football game that you didn’t watch because you were checking out the season premiere of Commercials….err, I mean Lost.

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