This has to be the craziest MNF game I’ve watched and you know what? I called it. I wasn’t live-blogging tonight instead I was checking out the Mighty MJD’s Live-blog (Here) and taking the night off (great f’ing idea to take a night off right?). Well at the start of the 3rd and the start of the 4th I said the Bears were tying it up. Well they are winning now.

Well not only does Tony Kornhole suck (more on this tomorrow), but how has EVERY MNF game this year been pretty exciting. Even the Denver/Baltimore game was if you like hard-hitting defense. Don’t know if they’ll win it, but this team is sick. And Brian Urlacher? He took over this game.

P.S.- Jay-Z is overrated as his girlfriend now. That video SUCKED.

Game Bears.

(Update: Holy shit! I don’t curse that often, but Holy Shit. Neil Rackers chokes away a great drive by Matt Leinart. I cannot believe this game.)

(Update #2: Edge had 36 carries 55 yards. Brian Urlacher is the linebacker that Lavar Arrington wishes he was.)

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