So the newest member of the AA Hall of Fame is not necessarily an Awful Announcer….more of an awful Human Being….

Britney Jean Spears

I’m sure most of you have already read or saw the interview last night, but I just wanted to reiterate what not to say on television.

DON’T Repeatedly call yourself “Country” and try to justify putting your 5 month old baby on your lap and driving 60 Mph down Pacific Coast Highway.

DON’T try to blame the “New York Streets as having Cobblestones” as the reasoning for almost dropping your baby on his head, when we all know it was because of your long ass jeans.

DON’T answer the question “What makes your Husband Special?” with “His simplicity.” Yea we know…you’re supposed to tell us something not as obvious.

DON’T ever utter this sentence: ” I like to cook, try to cook, and I like to clean. I’m obsessive like that. If I watch TV, I like to watch the home-redoing-the-house shows— the whole thing— and I get into redoing the living room, the baby’s room and all that stuff.” And we’re not supposed to think you’re a redneck?!?! That reminds me of some comments the “Great Decider” made.

DON’T answer the question “How far along are you?” with “I don’t know. I think six to seven months.”

And no matter what you do… not refer to your only child as an inanimate object!!!

Spears: “I mean you could possibly never realize you could love something that much.”

I mean seriously your kid is a human not an “it”. I feel so sorry for that kid, and the one yet to come. What happened to our baby girl??? If you are a parent I’m sure things happen, but you don’t have to make them public, and say the are going to happen “100 more times.” Have a good weekend all, and I’ll see you on the flip.