So one of the best games I’ve ever been to (if not the best) was the George Mason/UConn tussle at the Phone Booth this past NCAA Tournament. When Denham Brown hit the three to send it to overtime I thought there was no god, but somehow the Basketball Gods shined on the little Fairfax, VA school that day and there was balance in the Universe. Until…….


Throughout the Tournament I was mesmerized by this green, furry muppet with a heart of gold. He was picked on and made fun of the entire tournament….Here is the take on Gunston:

-Gunston: A fat-ass green dog that happens to love patriotism and college hoops
-Gunston: Regularly fails to get fans on their feet
-Analysis: Gunston is just creeping us out now.

Shame on you Realests! Gunston used his energy and his Tri-Cornered hat to inspire a Basketball Revolution! When Mason played the Wichita State Shockers in the Sweet Sixteen Gunston was all over the court. While the Shocker just stood there in his giant Converse Shoes.

Said Associate Athletic Director for Marketing Andy Ruge to the Washington Post: “We need to develop a mascot with a strong image. It would be nice if a freshman could see him and go, ‘Hey, that’s our mascot’ instead of going ‘What’s that?’ ” Ruge stressed that Gunston wasn’t being “offed,” but just reassigned “to children’s functions.”

According to the George Mason Traditions web site (, “Gunston’s legend is as mysterious as that of any other mythical creature.” Rumor has it that Gunston may have been hatched from an egg found by the Sociology and Anthropology Department during an excavation at Gunston Hall, the home of the university’s namesake. Whatever his origin, Gunston is Mason’s number one fan, spreading Patriot fever throughout the entire George Mason community.

Okay I take back everything I just said……that explanation is just retarded. RIP Gunston I’m sorry the Marketing “Pros” at GMU couldn’t help your survival.

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