Not since 1983 has a radio/TV host dare to go near the word “monkey”, but someone in the lovely town of Baltimore has decided to bring it back.

I barely get the ESPN Radio feed from B-More, but on air radio host Anita Marks decided Howard Cossell’s infamous phrase needed to be used again.

Marks, on Baltimore’s CBS-owned sports talker WJFK-AM, ESPN Radio 1300, referred to Shawne Merriman, a San Diego Chargers linebacker who is under suspension for steroid use, as a “juice monkey.”- DCRTV

Marks’ Response…..

“on the air yesterday that she uses the remark to refer to steroid users regardless of their color.”

Really? Is Juice Monkey a phrase that is commonly used to describe steroid users? Come on Anita.

Seriously though….I probably could have predicted this if I had seen that trashy tatoo on her na-na ahead of time.

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(Umm…..Baltimore Sun. Using the term “blacks” in the title of your article…..yeah…..I’d stay away from that)