ESPN Exec #1- So who are you thinking about picking up the helmet this week? We had Arnold for the game in California.
ESPN Exec #2- Yeah that made sense….and we had Eva Longoria last week for the game in Jacksonville. That made less sense, but she’s on an affiliate of ours so people let it slide.
ESPN Exec #1- Yeah they did. Well for this one we’ll need to get someone dynamic because of the impact of this game and the rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.
ESPN Exec #3- Hey, I couldn’t help overhear you guys talking about the helmet thing. I hear all the time about this kid named Aston Kutchard or something. My daughter loves him! Anyways, he’s popular right now because of this TV show on the Music Television called Punk’d
ESPN Exec #s 1 & 2- Perfect! Call him up!

(ESPN is so in touch with the youth of today. Nothing says rebirth and rebuilt like Ashton Mutha F’ing Kutcher)

Odds for next week: Terrell Owens 1000-1, Sylvester Stallone 25-1, Will Smith 10-1, and Stephen A. Smith 2-1

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