So what do recently fired ESPN employees do? They get a bit part on one of the best shows on Television. The Sklar Brothers are pretty polarizing… either love them or hate them (Deadspin Poll).

Shown in the pic below the Sklarsesss played a set of conjoined twins on the hit ABC show Grey’s Anatomy last night…..not a bad backup gig. But too bad they won’t be on the show again…..Dr. McDreamy separated the two and they skipped off back into obscurity. (Shoot me for knowing his nickname and/or watching the show please)

Aww, our little ESPN friends have come a long way………..

Update: A Whales Vuhjina (great name by the way) said…

Dude, do you like anything? I know it’s your job and all to hate everything but Cheap Seats was a great show and the Sklars are hilarious.

Sweet…’s my job to hate stuff. That would be rad and all if I actually got paid. Seriously though (even though I “forgot” to say this)….I do not dislike the Sklarsessss. I think they are pretty bad stand-up comics, but I enjoyed Cheap Seats. I think they are really good writers and they have been guests on some killer TV Shows.

So sorry AWV….didn’t mean to offend you and your Bros.

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