I need a moment to clear a couple of things up, so bear with me.

1. The Bowl Prediction Contest- It’s going great….I couldn’t be happier with the participation. Buuuuut….I’m slacking on the standings. Give me another day to filter through two email accounts and the comments to get the standings up. Sorry, but cheerleaders’ asses and Bryant Gumbel burping on air takes precedence here.

2. Live-Blog of the Orange Bowl tonight. But more importantly……..

As you know…..I love the live-blog. I think it brings an added enjoyment to the game, and if you can make it through a few of the crapfests you usually have a good time.

Brian at One More Dying Quail guest live-blogged the Motor City Bowl, and did a stellar job. So here’s what I’m proposing. If you have local announcers (i.e.- you are this German site that linked me through Technorati.) or National Announcers you just can’t stand. Or if you just want to do the big game…..You can live-blog it here.

Hear me out. I know what you’re thinking…..why the hell would I help out AA’s site and not my own? Well you’d be helping out both of us. Whether you are a big or small site (we are no monster….the site’s largest day was 13,000 hits) I and the readers think you have something to say/bitch about as far as Announcing is concerned.

As you can see, Brian’s site has been all over this site the last few days (and will continue to be), and he most undoubtedly got a couple of click-throughs. Stan at Gentrifried Rice also live-blogged the Monday Night Opener this year when I attended the game.

I think us bloggers can probably do a better job of being funny, noticing the game’s nuances, and making fun of the announcing ALL while still commenting on the flow of the game. Nobody does it better than you. My ultimate goal is to create a valid live-blogging community (with much more to follow……wink, wink.)

So here’s my proposal (and I’m flexible) if you want to do any of the Bowl Games left this season….email me. If you want to do a playoff game…..email me. If you want to make fun of that British Soccer Announcer (I forget his name)…..email me. If you want to do that riveting Buffalo Sabres/Carolina Hurricanes Hockey matchup…..um, well….email me and we can discuss it.

I invite you to the site…..you live-blog. We both Win!

3. I normally hate “Year in Reviews”, but with this site I think it would be funny to do a Top 50/100 Worst Announcing Lines of 2006. So if you think of one….post it in the comments or email me. I probably won’t finish it until March, but it should be worth it (actually the goal is the day after the National Championship).

4. When switching over to Blogger Beta I accidentally left the anonymous commenting on. I was going to turn it off, but how can I pass on getting items like this in my Inbox???

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “On Third (and hopefully final) Thought“:

Fuck off. TK is doing a fine job. Like you could be half as brilliant a tenth of the time.

Tony if you are sooooo brilliant you could have made up a creative blogger name like…..Wilbon’s Bitch or JoeTheeeesmannMakesMeWantToShootMyselfInTheSkull……and not gone the Anonymous route. But I appreciate that you read the site, and the comment.

Back to your regularly scheduled AA…..


P.S.- Tony……when you’re out of the job next year let me know if you’d be interested in guest live-blogging a few of the MNFers.

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