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Turner Sports NBA analyst Charles Barkley is known for making plenty of controversial comments, but he came up with one that was notable even by his standards Thursday. At the end of a long 40-minute in-studio interview on NBCSN/Audience’s The Dan Patrick Show, which covered everything from golfing with Michael Jordan to Michigan’s plane crash to Saturday Night Live and marijuana, Barkley told Patrick that if he was dying, one of his final acts would be to kill Skip Bayless on live TV. Here’s the clip (the key part starts at 40:50):

Here’s a transcription, via Dime Mag:

Barkley: “You know what we should do for ratings? If I get a disease and I’m gonna die, how about you get Skip Bayless in here and I’ll kill him live on national television.”

Patrick: “I like it. Like pay-per-view.”

Barkley: “No, no, no. Just get him in here. Only when I know Imma die….Cause I just want to get Skip Bayless in a room one time and beat him like a dog.”

Patrick: “So you’d kill him.”

Barkley: “Yes. Only if I knew I was gonna die. Not if I’m gonna live, cause I don’t wanna go to prison. Cause like Mahorn say, ‘they would love you in prison.’”

That’s quite the quote. Barkley is obviously being pretty light-hearted here, and hey, the idea of killing someone on TV for ratings is not new. Barkley also has made it clear before he doesn’t like Bayless, so that’s not entirely revelatory. But still, this is quite the thing for one member of the media to say about another one on national TV and radio. It’s unlikely anything further comes of it, but it definitely provided an interesting quote.

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  • newdog301

    Shame on Dan Patrick for egging him on here. He should know better.

    I think Charles Barkley’s problem is that Skip became what he is/wanted to be, that controversial talking head, but Barkley has that dated mindset of “if you never played, you can’t analyze the game” so he hates his success despite the lack of athleticism.

    • 66pugs99

      How low of a human being do you have to be to like Skip Bayless? Oh, looking at your pic, it makes sense now.

      • newdog301

        I don’t like him actually.

        There’s a difference between not liking someone and thinking we should laugh about the idea of killing them. How low of a human being do you have to be to not recognize that?

        • 66pugs99

          Context! Did you not graduate from High School? Learn basic grade 9 god damn context. Learn the actual story before you comment. Just before he says it, he says that he’s just going to be joking, and wanted to make a headline. He wanted to show how idiots like you will react. A headline for low level gossipers who don’t actually look at the situation before they comment. You got owned by Barkley. What a surprise!

  • Richard Saunders

    If Sir Charles kills Skip Bayless, I am sure the governor would pardon him as a demonstration of mercy for the public.

  • spinetingler

    Well, who wouldn’t, really?

  • Sergeant2

    Skip Bayless is da man. His new show “Undisputed” with co-host Shannon Sharpe is 10 times better than First Take. Molly has gone from being a moderator to thinking she is one of the host along with Stephen A. and Max. What you get on First Take is three people yapping at the same time.

  • MrBull

    Why wait…just a simple beat down would good enough by Sir Charles on Little Skip Bayless….