Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are in the midst of the greatest build to a fight this decade.  Either the two intensely despise each other, or this is the greatest work since the days of Andy Kaufman and Jerry “The King” Lawler.  Either way, the animosity between the two combined with their impressive fight records is going to mean massive buys for the UFC.

After a press conference fracas, Jones and Cormier have been doing the media rounds together (brilliant idea on the UFC’s behalf) to take the trash talk to new heights.  Before a SportsCenter interview, the two got caught on a hot mic exchanging NSFW pleasantries and threats of physical violence.  Happy happy joy joy…

The actual SportsCenter interview was much calmer, highlighted by Cormier’s various eyerolls and facial expressions.

It’s a bit curious just how that video of the hot mic exchange surfaced as it’s not something you see every day just leaking out by accident.  Someone obviously meant to leak this video on purpose and it’s turned into another brilliant marketing stroke as every sports website on earth has contributed to its viral nature, promoting the PPV extravaganza.

The mass appeal of MMA is seeing two guys kick the crap out of each other and there’s a fever pitch of anticipation to see just that for Jones-Cormier.  But this exchange with its slurs and spitting and death threats is a bit much.  There’s too much conflict in the world as it is these days, can’t these guys just hug it out already?

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