ESPN’s Ron Jaworski is a terrific analyst for the most part and nobody works harder at presenting the X’s and O’s of America’s real national pastime.  But ever since ESPN placed Jaws as the ultimate authority on all things quarterbacking, he’s had a weird trend of making some crazy, hyperbolic statements.  (See: Kaepernick, Colin and Manziel, Johnny.)

With the NFL preseason underway, Logan Thomas come on down!  You’re the next contestant!

The words “Pro Bowl” and “preseason” should never mix, but you can bet that Logan Thomas is going to find himself discussed on ESPN airwaves this week more than he ever has before as Ron Jaworski’s latest chosen one.

Too bad J.T. O’Sullivan never that kind of love for his preseason exploits.  If so, he might be in the Hall of Fame.