In your bizarre story of the day, ESPN SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn is suing an ice rink in New York after an injury that left her with 25 stitches.

Apparently a freak accident happened where a group of kids pushed a metal machine on top of her and left her with a massive wound on her arm.  Until the New York Post filed a story on the lawsuit today, the injury had gone unreported…

A popular ESPN sportscaster wants an upstate ice arena put in the penalty box because a bunch of rowdy kids pushed a heavy coin machine on top of her before an event there — leaving her with a gash that took 25 stitches to close.

Sports anchor Linda Cohn, 54, filed a negligence lawsuit in Manhattan federal court against the operators of Brewster Ice Arena in response to the injury she suffered to her right arm.

Cohn says in her suit that “a heavy, large coin-change machine fell upon her” March 27 while she was about to take the ice for a promotional event with players from the Rangers’ minor-league affiliate, the Hartford Wolf Pack.

Cohn, of Southbury, Conn., claims in her suit to still be suffering great pain and being limited in daily activities because of the incident, and blames the Brewster arena’s management for not preventing it. She is on active duty for ESPN.

The suit, quietly filed in July, doesn’t mention that she works for the network, nor does it provide much detail about what happened.

Here’s the tweet that first mentioned the injury from back in March…

That’s a nasty gash and you can understand where Cohn is coming from if the injury is still affecting her on a day-to-day basis.  Forgetting the ice rink for a moment, what about these “rowdy” kids that pushed a coin machine on top of her?  How does that happen without those kids being brought to justice???

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