NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers appear to be in for a rude awakening when they get their DirecTV bill this year.

After a modest increase of just 2.4% last season, DirecTV is increasing the price of their Sunday Ticket package, the exclusive out-of-market option for pro football fans around the country, by much more for next season. Just how much? Try almost 10%.

The total cost of Sunday Ticket for the pre-season price will come in at $281.94, up from just $257.94 last year for the slate of regular season games.


DIRECTV has raised the 2017 pre-season price on its most popular NFL Sunday Ticket package by almost 10 percent.

The satcaster, which is now taking orders for the 2017 season, has priced the basic Sunday Ticket package at $281.94. The price is good until September 9, 2017, the night before the first week of Sunday regular season games. (Prices go up after September 9.)

In contrast, DIRECTV last year charged just $257.94 if you ordered the Sunday Ticket before the first week of regular season action.

The increase in the pre-season price this year is 9.3 percent. DIRECTV raised the pre-season price last year by only 2.4 percent.

The basic Sunday Ticket plan entitles a subscriber to watch out-of-market Sunday NFL games as well as access the Ticket Mix Channel (all games on one screen at the same time) and on-screen stats.

While not as large of a hike, DirecTV is also more than doubling the percentage increase for cost of their “Max” package. In 2016, the price for the offering that included DirecTV’s RedZone and Fantasy channels increased 1.7% to $359.94. This year it’s an almost 5% raise and the total cost for the “Max” package in 2017 will be a whopping $377.94.

Part of this is just economics. Prices are always going to increase over time and that’s just a fact of life, especially when the product is in such high demand and there’s only one outlet with the rights to it. And when it comes to watching sports, whether in the stadium or at home, prices will rarely if ever go down. (That is unless you’re the Cleveland Browns and you’re coming off of a 1-15 season.)

However, we’ve seen all over the sports media industry companies dealing with customers who are cord cutting or cord shaving precisely because of the increased costs. And with this large of an increase at almost 10%, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a number of people decide that they’re just going to skip out on Sunday Ticket this year. Either that, or Sunday Ticket subscribers will call DirecTV and try to haggle with them to at least throw in HBO or Starz for free.


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  • Carter_Burger67

    Looks like I dropped DirecTV just in time.

  • Greg Warren

    It’ll be interesting to see how this affects their streaming only options, specifically the student one, which hits the sub-$100 pricepoint.

  • Respected Citizen

    My sympathies to the 1% of Americans who this affects.


      You’re naive if you think this only impacts 1% of fans. It’s much more than that.

      • Respected Citizen

        I thought the allusion to 1%ers was more important.

        You’d need to be rich or foolish to pay $300 for the lousiest NFL games.

  • Brian Williams

    I was a sub a while back. They priced me out a long time ago. I’m content with streaming the Red Zone channel through my phone on the NFL app for a couple bucks a month while I watch the local game on TV.

  • WyoRocks

    As the costs for watching sports in-person, on the boob tube, or online escalate, I’m becoming more and more content with just what my antenna picks up. I like the NFL, MLB, and the college tournament. Gun to my head, the money’s there to pay for an expensive cable/satellite package. But these models of being committed to a contract and paying for so much crap you don’t want are archaic. If the NFL wakes up and offers a streaming only option and opens it up for those who don’t have or want a satellite dish, I might be interested. But again, might. I have no problem with them trying to make a buck, but good luck getting your most loyal fans to follow along and keep splurging when the extra cash can go towards the mortgage, the retirement account, home repairs, and other priorities.

  • Regular Joe

    I gave it up once it went over $169 a season. I found I was watching the local games about 60% Of the time anyway

  • Septic Bladder

    Anyone residential customer who agrees to pay full price for ST or ST Max deserves to have their pockets picked.

    Merely calling DirecTV a week or two before the season starts, and saying “Please cancel ST as it’s become too expensive” will get one of 3 things depending on their typical spending:
    1) ST or ST Max free
    2) A significant discount on ST
    3) Offsetting discounts on DirecTV programming.

    I don’t know anyone who pays full boat.

  • Realest760

    I like the NFL but No way in HELL would I ever pay anything over $180 let alone $300 to watch any sports while they Make billions fu*k outta here…

    • hubcapUSA

      and complain about the country that has allowed them vast wealth for carrying a BALL.
      Playing a GAME.
      SO glad Im out and NOT, EVER looking back.
      I couldn’t care less.

  • Raoul Duke

    My standard drill is every summer I threaten to drop DirecTV and in return for a 1 year contract I receive a $50 per month reduction in my bill if I sign up for the Sunday Ticket + Max package

    At some point if DirecTV says no major discount I will drop it and go to the sports bar when the Steelers game is not broadcast locally – eventually the price increases undercut the “still cheaper than going to the sports bar” theory of maintaining the service

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  • Alan Sparks

    If you don’t want to deal with them over the phone, login to your account, go to your programming, click the X next to NFL ST to cancel and you will get a popup to reduce the cost by 100$ for the season, making it 180$. It’s the only way I get to watch my Raiders in Alaska at 9am on a Sunday so I’m willing to pay to be a fan of my team, it’s really up to the individual.