You Stay Classy Dolphins

I don’t think there’s a question that this undefeated season is more impressive than the Dolphins. I think the Pats could lose in the playoffs and it would still seem like a bigger accomplishment to me. Well that’s not what the Dolphins are saying today. Insert ’72 Dolphin Kicker Garo Yepremian…. “They’re playing well,” Yepremian […]

Saturday Night Football Open Thread: The Path To Perfection

Here we are folks….Week 17 and we get to witness a shot at history. Unfortunately that history has to involve Bryant Gumbel, but what are you going to do? Where: Giants StadiumWhen: 8pm, NFL-N/CBS/NBCWhy: PerfectionHow: Bill Belichick in the Study with a Video CameraSpread: New England -14, O/U 47Weather: Partly Cloudy, Low 33 Degrees, Winds […]

Joe Paterno “Casket” Yeller Found

I’m so glad this douchebag got booed when he made the comments I mentioned the other day. This “cheerleader” was trying to get the crowd riled up when he thought it would be a good idea to mention that Joe Paterno was on his death bed…. People like this should be banned from ever […]

A Little Eli To Get Us Through The Next Few Hours

So we’re about 3 hours away from a date with perfection and I wanted to give you a little Eli to tide you over. Watch closely…. Whoever made that video is a genius. See you for the live-blog around 8pm…..bring your funny and a few shots. We’re drinking every time Eli messes something up. […]

Emmitt Should Never Use Any Tense Of The Word Blow

I know tenses are confusing. Hell I almost failed Spanish class in High School when I got to the past tense part of the Language. Tough stuff. Well you know what the difference between Emmitt and I is? Mr. Smith is trying to speak ENGLISH, not a second language….. Blowed, Blown, Blows, Blowses, Blowdid, […]

Bowl Season Open Thread: The Meineke, Liberty, And Alamo Bowls

We get another full day of Bowl Games and some pretty good matchups. I’ll be in and out of this spot all day, so leave the quotes you come across in the comments and I’ll update below the previews throughout the day. #25 Connecticut vs. Wake ForestThe Meineke Car Care Bowl1:00 PM ET, December 29, […]

Washington Area Residents Will Give Up A Lot For Cowboys-Skins Tickets

Had this forwarded to me by reader Brenden this morning and couldn’t stop laughing. Redskins fans are willing to give up a good bit of coin (and other things) for tickets to tomorrow’s game. Via Craigslist….. HERES WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER FOR SKINS TICKETS THAT ARE PRICED 6 TIMES THE FACE VALUE: MY SON […]

Mike Patrick And Britney Spears (Again!)

The Champs Sports Bowl was coming to an end when Mike Patrick and Todd Blackledge starting chatting about I-Pods and I-Phones (I have no idea why). Well Blackledge decide to ask Patrick if he had Britney Spears on his I-Pod (in reference to Patrick’s questioning of the Pop Star early in the year). Pretty damn […]

Bowl Season Open Thread: The Champs Sports, Texas, And Emerald Bowls

We get a trio of games tonight and our first of two NFL Network games. We’ve got Charles “Mangina” Davis, we’ve got Mike Patrick, and we’ve got Chris Spielman! It’s going to be a great night. Leave your picks and quotes in the comments and I’ll be updating below the previews. Hopefully we’ll have as […]

Breaking News: Jim Leyritz Arrested For Possible DUI Homicide

Ex-Yankee and Radio Host Jim Leyritz has reportedly been arrested this morning at 4:30am for Driving Drunk and striking another car. The woman in the other car was ejected and has passed away from her injuries. Via TMZ… TMZ has confirmed that Jim Leyritz, a member of the New York Yankees championship teams in the […]

Is Detroit (BASKETBALL!) Ready For Some Gus Action

This is about the best news I’ve heard in quite some time, and it’s even better news for Detroit Pistons fans. Via MTAC….For one night, and one night only, Gus Johnson will be calling a game for his hometown team. How awesome is that? This awesome…. Broadcaster Gus Johnson has covered a lot of big […]

Create The Caption #139

(Usually) Everyday I’ll throw out a photo from the AP or one of the bigger sites and you provide the caption. Hilarity ensues. I’m also adding a handful of links at the bottom of the page that you should check out each day. Yesterday’s Winners…. “Thank you, thank you, to all the the fans, the […]

Len Elmore Can’t Quite Hear What You Tarheel Fans Are Saying

I missed the Nevada-UNC game last night due to that crazy Holiday Bowl, but luckily for us THM was. Apparently UNC has a promotion going with Bojangles. When the Heels get 100 points the people in attendance get biscuits for $1 at all local locations. With Carolina approaching 100 points the fans started chanting “We […]