PlayStation Vue has added a bunch of local ABC and NBC affiliates.

The push for streaming services to add local affiliates seems to be heating up, and Sony’s PlayStation Vue is making big moves on that front. They added 17 Fox affiliates in July, then seven further CBS affiliates last week, and now they’ve brought on lots of ABC and NBC affiliates. CordCutters News writes that PS Vue has added at least two Hearst TV-owned NBC affiliates and may eventually add all 12 the company has, and has added 15 E.W. Scripps-owned ABC affiliates, plus three ABC affiliates and one NBC affiliate owned by Cox Media Group. However, the additions seem to be still somewhat in process:

Some readers are telling us new stations are showing up on mobile first but not yet showing on streaming players. It looks like we caught this before Sony finished the full roll out that could easily take 24 hours or more. 

There are some notable markets in these latest lists of additions, including Scripps affiliates in Tampa-St. Petersburg (11th in market size), Phoenix (12th), Denver (17th), Cleveland (19th), and Indianapolis (27th), Hearst affiliates in Orlando (18th) and Baltimore (26th), and Cox affiliates in Atlanta (10th), Orlando (18th), Charlotte (22nd) and Pittsburgh (23rd). So, this is an extra push to help the PS Vue service gain traction in those areas. Striking deals with local affiliates can be complicated and time-consuming, but it’s definitely important for streaming services, and being without those affiliates can put you at a competitive disadvantage. We even saw DirecTV Now finally strike a deal with CBS recently.

A challenge with doing this is that there are so many different conglomerates that own local affiliates, though, necessitating a bit of a patchwork approach here. And with so many streaming services out there, there are lots of different deals to be done. That’s part of why there are still many affiliates not on one or more of the new streaming services. But adding local affiliates is a clear priority for services like PlayStation Vue, and they’re making a big push here, one that may make their service an easier sell in many markets. We’ll see where they go next.

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  • Kevyn Bradley Grams

    Very good news. Wish we were getting ABC and NBC in Seattle, but at this rate it shouldn’t be long. Sony is doing an excellent job with Vue, and for anyone with a PlayStation 4, you can not beat the features and functionallity on any other service or device.

    Hope they continue to expand the Al-La-Carte offerings as well. It would be really nice to be able to add WWE Network, MLB.TV, Netflix, Amazon, and eventually Disneys new streaming content all under one service.

    • David Griffen

      I agree with you, but seeing these lists of city’s getting the locals added and not seeing mine is getting disheartening. Everyone’s bill will be going up come October, with them siting the adding of local stations as the reasoning. Without my local channels it will lose its value greatly to me, but I have hope. At least for now.

  • Steve Clodfelter

    Well we’re the 107th largest market, so I’m thinking I will be using an antenna for a long time. Maybe being the 2nd largest market in the state will help get us on their radar quicker. I must admit, going back to adjusting the rabbit ears like I did as a kid is getting old.

  • QuietStormX

    I’m a PSVue subscribed with 97 stations than others. YouTube TV is my second service now and love it….

  • Pamela Furtado

    I’m in the Atlanta area and currently have ABC, FOX and CBS live broadcasts. Up until recently, I had NBC On Demand, but even that channel is now gone, so I have no NBC options at all. That seems odd, since Atlanta was mentioned in the article, which was written back in August and here we are in late October. I’m wondering if the On Demand dropped off due to this, but the LIVE is still in progress? That is not how it worked when ABC went from On Demand to Live. I just logged in one day and received a message that ABC Live was added.

  • boston2az

    Just as an update – even though the article says that the NBC affiliate in Phoenix has been added, it still has not.