Emerging streaming service DirecTV Now says it plans a major upgrade in the first quarter of 2018. The improvements will include a cloud DVR service, which has been sorely lacking on the service, support for pay-per-view events (UFC, WWE, and boxing), an improved user-friendly experience, and the opportunity to have simultaneous video streams.

Wells Fargo analysts issued a report about the upgrades last week.

“DTV Now 2.0 is coming,” the Wells Fargo analysts wrote. “Importantly, this will streamline the User Interface (UI) for the customer (T currently has different UIs for DTV, DTV Now, U-verse and Sunday Ticket). This upgrade will also likely bring with it some additional functionality (i.e. Cloud DVR, additional streams, etc.). Timing is expected in Q1’18 (when we expect T will also own a lot more content and have some anchor tenants to build around DTV Now…yes even with today’s headlines).”

One unknown in all this is the potential for the Department of Justice to block DirecTV Now’s parent company AT&T’s merger with Time Warner. AT&T has said it planned to use Time Warner content to be one of the anchors for DirecTV Now and its DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse platforms.

The fact that DirecTV Now could have a new cloud DVR plus pay per view events would be a big step up for the service, which added 300,000 subscribers in the third quarter of 2017. It helped to offset, but not mitigate, a loss of a combined 390,000 subscribers on AT&T U-Verse and DirecTV.

AT&T says that overall, DirecTV Now has a total subscriber base of about 800,000. AT&T hopes that the new features will bring new eyeballs to its streaming service over rivals fuboTV, Hulu TV, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.


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  • CreightonRabs

    Meanwhile, some of us DirecTV NOW subscribers are still waiting for the promised addition of CBS, especially in Pittsburgh (home to CBS O&O KDKA-TV). Not to mention that we can’t get AT&T Sports Net on AT&T owned DTV Now.

    • Cory Carlson

      They added CBS two weeks ago along with CBS Sports, CBS in most markets is On Demand only but you still get all the primetime shows.

      • CreightonRabs

        I guess I misread the reports because I was under the impression that CBS would be streamed much like ABC and NBC are (at least in my market). I’d much prefer for CBS to be streamed on DirecTV NOW than have to pay a separate $6/mo for the separate CBS service (which I’ll probably drop after football season, because other than local news and Steelers games, I hardly watch it).

      • CreightonRabs

        Just got an email that my local CBS (KDKA Pittsburgh) is now part of the streaming lineup now.

  • Phil Barton

    I’m with you, CreightonRabs.
    I’m considering YouTube TV. They offer great lineup that includes a DVR already built in

  • AJ2

    They promised a DVR Fall 17.

    • IamTek7

      Promise = Projection

  • Randy N. Gaston

    They need for their app to support Android TV.

  • copperdog1

    DTV Now needs to add channel #s
    I know that Roku and Apple TV and some other remotes don’t have #s
    But would be nice upgrade
    And more local channels also

  • Lance C. Phillips

    My recent experience with DirecTV Now was via a 30 day free trial. I am a subscriber to Sling TV and felt I should audition DirecTV Now and do a 30 day A-B comparison. My Sling TV service performed flawlessly, as per usual, for the

    • Betty

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