Many DirecTV Now viewers tweeted that they were having service issues during Monday night’s College Football Playoff games on ESPN. This caused some fans to miss the thrilling conclusion to the Oklahoma-Georgia Rose Bowl that went into double overtime, as well as the start of the Alabama-Clemson Sugar Bowl.

Viewers tweeted videos and photos showing their DirecTV Now streaming service not working during the games, and it appears some experienced outages of 30 minutes.

The DirecTV Now Help account on Twitter responded to a displeased College Football Playoff viewer, and told the viewer to log out of the service for five minutes and log back in (and it’s unclear if this even fixed things for viewers).

Then again, viewers with any service still missed a goal line play in the Sugar Bowl if they didn’t find their remote in time to make the switch from ESPN2 to ESPN.

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  • Dale Moog

    people sure love to complain WAY more than they used to. I mean if you had access to the internet just log into ESPN APP and watch until the game comes back on TV way to be such a “F’ING” bitch

  • George Tvardy

    It’s not just the DirecTV Now app that’s having trouble with streaming the game… it’s the WatchESPN app itself. Constantly freezing and generally unusable. I had to reactivate my Playstation Vue account for 1 month to stream the game without interruption. I’ve tried today to stream WatchESPN on my Roku, Apple TV and iPad, and all three have had major problems with streaming through the WatchESPN app.To their credit, the Playstation Vue app is streaming the ESPN feeds flawlessly.

  • Chris Rhodes

    Pretty sure the issue is on ESPN’s end. Watching the app on windows is decent for their daytime crap, but useless for anything popular like football. They apparently don’t have the bandwidth. #watchespnsucks