With streaming services popping up, consumers are wondering whether to take the plunge and cut the cord from cable and satellite. And as networks decide which ones are worthwhile and which are not, those who sign up with DirecTV Now, Fubo TV, Hulu TV, Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV notice that not all of the networks that are on their pay TV provider have signed up. For instance, CBS is not on DireecTV Now or Sling, but will be on Hulu and YouTube.

Sports have always been an attraction to viewers and it has kept some from totally making the break from pay TV. To make that break, viewers have to know that they’re getting some value. And they have to know that they’re getting most to all of the networks that have vital sports programming.

So let’s say Awful Announcing was going to start a streaming TV service that would focus mainly on sports. In this world, our fearless leader Ben Koo would have to negotiate with the networks and decide upon a per subscriber fee that would be agreeable to CBS, Comcast, Disney, Fox, MLB, NBA, NHL, Time Warner and other broadcast groups. It would take a lot of work, but let’s say in our scenario that Ben Koo was successful and managed to bring together the broadcast networks and their many affiliate groups, cable sports networks and the regional sports networks into one service.

Here’s what our dream scenario would look like:


  • ABC
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • NBC
  • PBS (you need some culture and Ken Burns’ documentaries)


  • CBS Sports Network
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPNews
  • FS1
  • FS2
  • Golf Channel
  • The Olympic Channel
  • Tennis Channel

LEAGUE-OWNED NETWORKS — some to be add-ons

  • ACC Network (coming in 2018)
  • Big Ten Network
  • Longhorn Network
  • MLB Network
  • NBA TV
  • NFL Network
  • NHL Network
  • Pac-12 Networks
  • SEC Network


  • Altitude
  • AT&T Sports Networks (Root Sports)
  • Fox Sports Net (Arizona, Carolinas, Detroit, Florida, Indiana, Midwest, North, Ohio, Oklahoma, Prime Ticket, San Diego, South, Southeast Southwest, Sun, Tennessee, West, Wisconsin, STO, YES)
  • MASN
  • MSG Networks
  • NBC Sports Regional Networks (Comcast SportsNets, NBC Sports Bay Area/California, SNY)
  • NESN
  • Spectrum SportsNet


  • TBS
  • TNT
  • truTV


  • HBO
  • Showtime


  • MLB Extra Innings
  • NBA League Pass
  • NHL.TV
  • Red Zone Channel


  • beIN Sports
  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • Gol TV

OTHER NETWORKS — Add ons (a la carte)

  • Eleven Sports
  • Fox College Sports
  • MAV TV
  • Outdoor Channel
  • Sportsman Channel
  • Pursuit Channel
  • TVG/TVG2

So with the broadcast networks, cable sports networks, league-owned networks, your local RSN plus the Time Warner networks as the base package, it’s likely to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $49.99-$59.99/month. And if you summed up all of the add-ons, you’d probably have to shell out well over $120/month and if you wanted to cut the cord due to the high cost of cable or satellite, you might be paying more. But if you’re willing to pay for your sports, this might be for you.

The whole key would be to get this on mobiles, tablets, connected TV devices and computers.

Would this package bring eyeballs to screens? Probably, but could it replace cable and satellite? Not likely, but if someone could bring this to fruition, it would make a sports fan dream come true.

Which networks would you want? Which would you not want? Let us know in the comments below and on social media.

About Ken Fang

Ken has been covering the sports media in earnest at his own site, Fang's Bites since May 2007 and at Awful Announcing since March 2013.

He provides a unique perspective having been an award-winning radio news reporter in Providence and having worked in local television.

Fang celebrates the three Boston Red Sox World Championships in the 21st Century, but continues to be a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan.

  • newdog301

    NBA TV
    MLB Network
    NFL Red Zone

    If I had to take six those are going to give you the most game coverage.

  • Sam Callan

    One issue with streaming is the delay both in being a ways behind the live action (although sometimes I can be several seconds behind) and the slow switch to other channels at least with SlingTV with I experimented with it. I do like being able to adjust the package from month to month and cancel at any time.

  • Brian Cullather

    Probably need to add USA network to the optionals, Sat EPL and the all important WWE coverage

    • whittx

      In that case, you probably want CNBC for the overflow EPL/NHL/F1 coverage.

      • Christopher K. Smith

        I wonder if there is an EPL streaming service.

        • whittx

          NBC Extra Time is the defacto EPL streaming in the US.

  • Christopher Bates

    What the hall was the point of this article? It’s essentially just a list of popular cable channels.

    Given the headline, what I expected was some analysis of which cable sports channels are actually worth what they charge. There’s nothing here like that. Further, the whole point if that we now live in a world where consumers’ price point is something like $20 a month, not $50 or $120. If people are willing to pay $50-$120 so that they have everything or nearly everything, then guess what–that option already exists. It’s called every single cable provider.

    • Clint

      You are essentially a bot douche bag

  • Brandon Brotzman

    Um or just get the 35 dollar PlayStation Vue package. Access slim or something like that. I get live CBS and Fox for football, NBC sports, NFL network, MLB network, my local RSN, plus the turner networks, along with NBA TV. . The bundle you seek already exists and depending on the market you live it it will cost you 35 to 45 dollars. Could have been a much shorter article haha. First line Buy PlayStation Vue. Second line That is all.

  • Christopher K. Smith

    Not sure what is the point of just listing you “got to have” every sports network. You can already get all that on DirecTV.
    For an actual cost cutting plan:
    NFL: majority are on broadcast, free after a 50-100 one time antenna purchase.
    MLB: the actual MLB.tv is not bad, would be nice if local teams came with it. In a dream scenario you could just buy a stream-only team package (no strings).
    NBA: the finals are on broadcast, as are Christmas games. If the players claim they don’t care about the regular season, why should I?
    NHL: most streams are on YouTube, including the playoffs and they seem to be the least concerned with taking them down ( probably because they are RSNs)
    College: this is the biggest issue with not having espn and fs1. In a dream scenario, it would be nice to pay per game or get a streaming conference network. I suppose some watch all of college football (the people who would already consider the expensive option), but most people I know watch one team or conference.

  • Respected Citizen

    RSN 1 – NBC Sports Bay Area – Warriors, Quakes, Giants
    RSN 2 – NBC Sports California – Sharks, A’s, Sacramento Kings
    RSN 3 – Comcast Sports Mid-Atlantic – Capitals, Wizards
    RSN 4 – Root Sports Pittsburgh – Penguins, Pirates
    NHL Network
    NBA TV

    I’d pay $20/month for that.