Ryan Yoder

Ryan Yoder is the younger, smarter, more successful twin brother of AA editor Matt Yoder.  Ryan has been a lifelong Chicago sports fan, rooting for the Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks since his childhood.  Ryan has a passion for sports of any and every kind.  He was a co-founder of Randall Simon’s Sausages with his brother Matt in the Summer of 2009 and has been blogging about sports ever since.  His greatest moment as a sports fan is seeing Corey Wootton finally end Brett Favre’s career, according to him it was better than winning 10 Super Bowls.

Ryan is currently getting his doctorate in chemistry at THE Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where he lives with his lovely wife, Steffi.  He is slowly getting used to the idea of being a Buckeye fan… there is apparently no truth to the rumor that he was involved in Aaron Craft only receiving a B in intro chemistry.