Bill Simmons' take on police dogs.

Ringer editor-in-chief Bill Simmons kicked off quite the Twitter fight Monday over his opposition to emotional support dogs. Simmons started it off Monday morning by tweeting a Washington Post story about a dog injuring a passenger on a flight. That drew some criticism.

However, it was nothing compared to the furor Simmons kicked off Monday night. He was watching and live-tweeting a LA car chase, one that ended with a police dog knocking down the suspect. This led to Simmons tweeting “I’m anti emotional support dogs but pro police dogs,” which created a firestorm. Simmons has since deleted the tweet, but here it is:

Here are the first two tweets in that string:

This led to a whole lot of internet mockery of Simmons, from everyone from Darth to Desus:

This then led into general roasting of Simmons:

Simmons followed this up by tweeting a link to a Vox article criticizing emotional support animals:

And continued to get roasted by the internet:

At least he’s making that Vox partnership work, though.

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