The MLB All-Star Game hasn’t been the big mid-summer event that it used to be, but Fox could still depend on it winning the primetime ratings. However, this is a different year and NBC has a Tuesday night summer juggernaut combo with America’s Got Talent and World of Dance. As a result, NBC’s primetime lineup averaged a 6.9 rating as opposed to a 6.5 for the All-Star Game on Fox although there was a small silver lining as Sports Business Daily’s Austin Karp points out.

America’s Got Talent alone received an 8.0 overnight from 8-10 p.m. and World of Dance got a 4.7 for the 10 p.m. slot. Marc Berman at Programming Insider notes that NBC’s ratings are up 23% from last year while Fox did see a slight uptick from last year’s record low. Opposite the 2016 All-Star Game, NBC aired repeats thus the huge increase this year.

The other broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and The CW all aired repeats on Tuesday.

The top ten markets for the All-Star Game are as follows:

  1. Kansas City — 16.6
  2. St. Louis — 12.1
  3. Cleveland — 11.9
  4. Minneapolis — 9.6
  5. New York — 9.2
  6. Houston — 8.9
  7. Cincinnati — 8.8
  8. Denver — 7.9
  9. Phoenix — 7.8
  10. Washington D.C. — 7.7

The home market of Miami registered a 5.6.

America’s Got Talent has been NBC’s big summer show and by partnering it with the new World of Dance, Tuesday nights have become a huge night and it certainly offsets running repeats of other programming.

Fox can hang its hat on the slight rise in ratings from last year, but it still has to be disappointed in losing the night to NBC.

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  • Howard Salwasser

    Just another reason that ALL all-star games are now irrelevant.

    • RJ2008

      It’s not shocking. AGT is the #1 summer show, and i’m pretty sure that Big Brother will beat the ESPY in the ratings too.

  • Karl Kolchak

    The ASG broadcast was AWFUL. Since the game itself doesn’t mean anything, Fox has gone whole hog in making it utterly unwatchable. Just how many Bull Durham-esqe interviews with the players do we need?

    Then there was that horrid, mid-game Mastercard commercial disguised as a cancer awareness moment. I’m a cancer survivor myself, yet I found the whole thing patently offensive. If Mastercard wants to donate $4 million to cancer research, they can just do it without conning people into using their stupid card in process.

  • Adam Domo

    should’ve kept it with home field on the line… i was the only one in favor of that. It was fun.

  • Deon Hamner

    You can stop that fairy tale that the baseball all star game is somehow better than the other 3… It’s no different. Irrelevant.

  • bibliomaine

    The constant is Joe Buck. His faux cool is insufferable. It works when he’s slurping the Cowboys of the world but it comes off as fan boy nonsense in the ASG.

  • the interviews while the game was happening were awesome

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