Finally, someone has topped Craig James in a weekly Pammy poll!  We all owe the genius of Matt Millen a debt of gratitude.  He picks up some major ground this week and moves into second place with the #1 and #4 quotes this week.  Almost as brilliant as the drafting of Charles Rogers and Mike Williams.  There’s still time left for Millen to make a St. Louis Cardinalsesque run to the Pammy championship as we hit November.  (Note: On appeal the Pammy committee removed Verne’s “this year’s Game of the Century” remark from the nominees due to its ironic quality.  Well played, Mr. Lundquist, our apologies.)  The envelope please…

10) Can’t quite tell you the number, but I can tell you it is an offensive lineman” – Ray Bentley (via AlexfromBuffalo) Uh, Ray, WVU is on defense.

9) “…and Woods has got it at the…incomplete.” – Brent Musberger (via mattyzucks)

8) “He’s a first time starter going thru everything for the first time.” – Andre Ware (via sctvman)

7) “You’re only effective when you’re productive” – Chris Spielman (via RYbbc34)

6) “Nothing doing as Tech stiffens against Jeff Woody.” – Bill Land (via Matt Kennedy)

5) “This is what you get when two hungry trains get on the same track and don’t want to get off” – Gary Danielson (via DerekLynch64) Hungry… trains???

4) Consistent consistency” – Matt Millen (via ThaNardDawg)

3) “Come on guys, it’s football, get tough” – Craig James (via dmcalpi).  Umm Craig why you talk about that with your son first…

2) “Spurrier used to say you can’t spell UT without Citrus… wait.” – Mark Jones (via CaptTouchback)

1“You come in and bite, I’m pullin’ that sucker out” – Matt Millen (via Chris Schenkel)

Week 9 Top 5 –

1) Craig James 95 pts

2) Matt Millen 60 pts

3) Pam Ward 45 pts

4) Gary Danielson 41 pts

5) Chris Spielman 22 pts

Others receiving votes – Lou Holtz 21 pts, Brent Musburger 19 pts, Beth Mowins 13 pts, Brett Favre 13 pts, Sean McDonough 13 pts, Mark Jones 9 pts, Artrell Hawkins 9 pts, Warrick Dunn 9 pts, Dan Hawkins 9 pts, Jenn Brown 9 pts, Mike Patrick 9 pts, Andre Ware 8 pts, Gus Johnson 7 pts, Lee Corso 7 pts, Wendi Nix 7 pts, Steve Martin 7 pts, Tom Cole 7 pts, Jesse Palmer 6 pts, Rod Gilmore 6 pts, Dave Pasch 5 pts, Bill Land 5 pts, Alex Flanagan 4 pts, Mike Morgan 4 pts, Joe Tiller 3 pts, Keith Jones 3 pts, Desmond Howard 3 pts, Shaun King 3 pts, Charles Davis 3 pts, Danny Kanell 2 pts, Steve Beuerlein 2 pts, Scott Van Pelt 2 pts, Kevin Kugler 1 pt, Eric Collins 1 pt, Verne Lundquist 1 pt, Todd McShay 1 pt, Ray Bentley 1 pt.

The Full Week 10 Announcing Schedule will be coming soon, where you can find the dates and times of games and all the announcing pairings as well.  Then, make sure you check back every Saturday for the Pam Ward Chronicles and another week of the Pammies!

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