This week's Pammies Top 10 brings a few old favorites into the countdown for the first time including ESPN's Lee Corso and CBS's Verne Lundquist.  However, in spite of Corso's hilarious "Catholics" quote, neither senior citizen tops the charts for Week 4.  That honor belongs to another debut entrant in the Top 10.  The envelope please…

10) "Timeout, errrrr, end of the first quarter." – Beth Mowins (via jl711)

9) "There's grass between the knee and the ground."- Andre Ware (via ufchomp)

8) "They've lost 5 games by a total of an average of 3 points."- Lee Corso (via sctvman)

7) "Steve Spurrier will go for the Juggler here." – Gary Danielson (via NJ_Ryan91)

6) "Young man is from Flowery Branch, Florida, not that far outside of Atlanta." – Verne Lundquist (via AbeGordon)

5) "I don't think he purposely did that, but he just got his hand on there.  Possibly could have been a 5-yard penalty instead of a 15. – Eric Crouch still not aware that the 5-yard facemask was abolished prior to the 2008 season. (via devsfan30)

4) "He started his tackle in bounds, didn't hit him until he got out of bounds." – Matt Millen (via AA)

3) "It's a gimme throw as long as the QB puts it on the money and the WR catches it." – Glen Mason (via mattgray81)

2) "Never bet against the Catholics." – Lee Corso (via AA)

1)  "Let's update you on Auburn vs LSU. The Tigers lead it 9-0." – Wendi Nix (via ZackTN)

Week 4 Standings

1) Matt Millen 36 pts

2) Mark May 17 pts

3) Lee Corso 12 pts

T4) Kevin Carter 10 pts, Erin Andrews 10 pts, Wendi Nix 10 pts

Others receiving votes: Desmond Howard 9 pts, Charles Barkley 9 pts, Danny Kanell 9 pts, Carter Blackburn 9 pts, David Feherty 8 pts, Glen Mason 8 pts, Gary Danielson 8 pts, Eddie George 8 pts, Beth Mowins 8 pts, Brent Musburger 7 pts, Tom Hart 7 pts, Chris Martin 6 pts, Eric Crouch 6 pts, Jesse Palmer 5 pts, Verne Lundquist 5 pts, Charles Davis 3 pts, Andre Ware 3 pts, Brian Griese 2 pts, Gus Johnson 2 pts, Dale Drypolcher 2 pts, Mike Morgan 1 pt.

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