Here are the winners for Week 7. Thanks again to everybody for your contributions.

10. “According to that yellow line, which is not official, but is awfully close.” – Mike Patrick (via JFein)

9. “I don’t care if you’re playing pee-wee football, or little sisters of the poor, if you’re shutting teams out for six quarters, you’re playing good defense.”Dave Lapham (via Sctvman)

8. “They oughtta put a skirt on em.” — Bob Griese, in reference to quarterback rules now (via Sctvman)

7. “I’m a big fan of pirates in general.” — Mike Leach (via Sctvman)

6. “Hold your water. Just hold your water. Don’t know what it means, but coaches like Herm always say it.” — Chris Spielman (via Rick James Bible Owner)

5. “Florida hasn’t lost three in a row since Emmitt Smith’s senior year.”  — Clay Matvick on Florida/Mississippi State. Emmitt Smith didn’t HAVE a senior year. He left after his junior year, which was actually 1989, the year AFTER Florida last lost three in in a row.(great catch by KT)

4. “Cam Newton has thrown for 140 yards and passed for 191.” — Gary Danielson (via Bubbaprog)

3. “Nice tackle by that cheerleader… She really put her face right in there…. BAM!!!” — Matt Millen (via Cheyne)

2. “Plenty of time on the play cock……play clock” — Roger Twibell (via ReaderM)

1. “At the end of the day the team that scores the most in this ballgame is going to win the game” — Verne Lundquist (via Sctvman)


Standings after 7 Weeks

1. Chris Spielman (16)

2. Rece Davis (10)

2. Brent Musburger, Mark Jones & Bob Griese (9)

5. Craig James (8)

Others receiving votes: Mike Patrick (6), Pam Ward (5), Kirk Herbstreit (5), Dave Pasch (4), Chris Martin (4), Kelly Stouffer (4), Joe Beninati (4), Brad Nessler (4), Beth Mowins (4), Lou Holtz (4), Andre Ware (4), Dave Lapham (4), Mike Leach (3), Bob Davie (3), Dave Weekley (3), Matt Millen (3), Verne Lundquist (3), Roger Twibel (2), Ron Franklin (2), Joe Tessitore (2), Mushin Muhammad (2), Gary Danielson (2), Dave Popkin (2), Jeremy Bloom (2), Lee Corso (2), Eric Collins (1), Charles Neal (1), Brock Huard (1), Shaun King (1), Trent Dilfer (1), Tom Hammond (1), Rob Stone (1), Tom Glasgow (1), Brian Griese (1), Tompkins (1), Holly Rowe (1), Dave Lamont (1), Picabo Street (1) Glen Mason (1), Mike Hill (1), Steve Beurlein (1), John Congemi (1), Doug Graber (1), Clay Matvick (1), Packey (1)

*From now on we’ll only be including those that received Pam Ward Award votes, not every single nomination, in the standings.