Thanks to everybody who voted and submitted announcer comments this past weekend. Chris Spielman wants to run away with this thing, but Pam Ward won’t go down without a fight. She’s here this week to remind everybody just why these awards are named after her…

The Top 11 from Week 5 as voted on by you the readers:

11. “They’re going to the chapel man. They’re gonna get married” –Chris Spielman after a Ben Chappell highlight (via CK29)

10. “Playing the secondary is a lot like marriage. Without communication it’ll never work.” — Chris Spielman (via Sctvman & Mike)

9. “I’ll take this kid Ellington home with me.” — Bob Griese (via Sctvman)

8. “From 2002-2008 he (Mark Richt) won over 10 wins a game.” — Kirk Herbstreit (via Sctvman)

7. “Why, you would think that is Dick Vitale at Duke!” – Brent Musburger as they show the Oregon fans lifting the Duck over their heads in the stands. (via JFein)

6. “This offensive line gives up more pancakes than Aunt Jemima.” — Craig James (via Sctvman)

5. “Indiana, which has not beaten Michigan since 1987, battling toe for toe.” — Pam Ward (via Rick James Bible Owner)

4. “Do you believe in miracles!?” — Steve Beurlein after Vols scored to take the lead. (via Mal)

3. “Miami has always been one of the most penalized teams, not only in the nation, but in the conference.” — Bob Griese (via Sctvman)

2. “He didn’t have enough yeast to rise up and make that catch.” — Joe Tessitore (via TFred)

1. “Ben Chappell leads the Big 10 in passing. Up next, they take on the undefeated Hoosiers.” — Pam Ward (via Sctvman)

Standings after 5 Weeks

1. Chris Spielman (15)

2. Brent Musburger, Mark Jones & Rece Davis (9)

5. Craig James (8)

Others receiving votes: Bob Griese (7), Pam Ward (5), Mike Patrick (5), Dave Pasch (4), Chris Martin (4), Kelly Stouffer (4), Joe Beninati (4), Brad Nessler (4), Beth Mowins (4), Lou Holtz (4), Kirk Herbstreit (3), Bob Davie (3), Dave Weekley (3), Joe Tessitore (2), Mushin Muhammad (2), Gary Danielson (2), Dave Lapham (2), Dave Popkin (2), Jeremy Bloom (2), Lee Corso (2), Andre Ware (2), Eric Collins (1), Charles Neal (1), Brock Huard (1), Matt Millen (1), Ron Franklin (1), Shaun King (1), Trent Dilfer (1), Tom Hammond (1), Rob Stone (1), Tom Glasgow (1), Brian Griese (1), Tompkins (1), Roger Twibel (1), Holly Rowe (1), Dave Lamont (1), Mike Leach (1) Picabo Street (1) Glen Mason (1), Mike Hill (1), Verne Lundquist (1), Steve Beurlein (1)

*From now on we’ll only be including those that received Pam Ward Award votes, not every single nomination, in the standings.