As the season has developed, we're getting more and more amazing Pammy entries from College Gameday in the innuendo department.  Last week it was Desmond Howard and his beaver juice.  This week, Kirk Herbstreit got really excited when… well… maybe it's best if I just let you use your imagination.  

1) Verne Lundquist: "The reaction is from the replay"
Gary Danielson: "Yeah, they show those nowadays, don't they?" (via crippenstation)

2) " Demarcus Thomas on the return, and Navy will take the ball to the 20" – Spero Dedes not realizing it was a touchback and balls go to the 25. (via jleimer)

3) "The fourth straight time NC State has beaten a ranked Florida State team when they were ranked." – Rece Davis." (via FlowyDNA)

4) "Andy Murray trying to get something going before intermission." – Brent Musburger, is this football or tennis or a musical? (via katygrammer)

5) "This penalty might be on LSU. I don't know. There are only 2 teams out there so i might be right." – Gary Danielson (via chifan414)

 6) "It's clear Stanford is going to have to outscore Arizona if they want to win." – Joel Klatt (via zonazoologist)

7) "3rd down and 1…3rd and 19, I beg your pardon." – Verne Lundquist (via scotts03)

8) "I saw the San Francisco Giants try to take on Lawrence Taylor."- Brent Musburger (via sjwest86)

9) "Synchronized flag tossing. Yeah that should be an Olympic sport." Todd Blackledge (via FlowyDNA)

10) "West Virginia 2 for 2 in 5 redzone trips so far.. 2 touchdowns, 2 field goals." – Gus Johnson (via notthefakebross)

11) "That was a pre-determined play called in the huddle" – Eric Crouch (via erictaylor_et)

12) "You guys wanna share a snuggie too" – Mark May to Rece Davis & Lou Holtz (via sommeliermark)

13) "The Gators gotta out-defense the Tigers." – Lee Corso (via sctvman)

14) "She can't put that thing in her mouth…wow, that is huge!" – Kirk Herbstreit (via RYbbc121)

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