With LSU-Alabama now in the rearview mirror, the real college football championship that everyone cares about can take centerstage – the Pammies!  With the huge CBS primetime game, both Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist feature prominently in today’s list.  Kirk Herbstreit also earns 1000 unofficial bonus points for placing the KIRK HERBSTREIT EARTHQUAKE FACE on the Mount Rushmore of epic all-time sports faces.

As a reminder as to how the Pammy vote works, each week we’ll nominate 15-20 quotes for you to pick the best 10.  The winning quote of the week will earn that person 10 points all the way down to 1 point for 10th.  Remember, you can vote for your favorite five quotes.  Here are your Week 10 nominees…

1) “Jimbo Fisher knows how to get QBs ready for the NFL; when he was at LSU, he had JaMarcus Russell 1st Overall” – Jesse Palmer (via AlexFromBuffalo) Yup, that’s a positive reference about JaMarcus Russell’s NFL career.

2) “Worley may have pulled out too soon.” – Tim Couch (via sctvman)

3) “You can throw or run here, those are your options” – Gary Danielson (via sctvman)

4) “This is probably exactly what the Wisconsin coaching staff wanted to see today. After those two heartbreaking defeats, you come back and you just explode all over somebody.” – Mike Patrick (via DevsFan30)

5) Regarding the earthquake that took place in Oklahoma at 2:12 AM…

Kirk Herbsteit: “Did you feel anything?”
Brent Musburger: “It might have been last call” (via Chris Schenkel)

6) “Floyd getting the last word… for now.” – Mark Jones (via Dascenzo)

7) “Redshirt freshman Ronald McCombs well over 100 yards on that last drive.” – Pam Ward (via sctvman)

8) “Never bet against the cocks” – Brian Wilson (via djstevem)

9) “Intercepted! Wait… no… caught by LSU!” – Verne Lundquist (via GB330033) saying LSU intercepted their own pass.

10) “Stick it up in there hard and with power!” – Chris Spielman (via DomoBENesis)

11) Rece Davis: “What would you tell kids to do in that situation?”
Craig James: “Don’t watch SportsCenter” (via sctvman)

12)   And   gets   bent   over   backwards!” – Pam Ward (via DevsCuse44)

13) “The quarterback has to win with the throw.” – Andre Ware (via deadgeneration4)

14) “We’ve had 3 touchdowns in 6 minutes” – Rod Gilmore (via BoBips2188) with the score 7-7.

15) “Who had 6-6 for a final?” – Verne Lundquist (via Dascenzo) No one. They have invented overtime.

16) “You live your life like a field goal into the wind.” – Matt Millen (via cptmintz)

17) “Wonder where the beef is, here it comes.” – Matt Millen (via TheSportsHernia)

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