Terribly sorry doesn’t even begin to explain it for why this has taken almost three weeks to get up, but here they finally are. Thanks for being patient with us and for all your great contributions.  VOTE HERE or leave write-ins in the comments. You will get 2 votes, so ideally we’d prefer you to use one for each week, but if you honestly feel that two in one week deserve a vote over one in the other, then follow your heart.

Week 9 Chronicles:

1. “A pick six is always worse than a punt.” — Dave Norrie via Sctvman

2. “You never forget the first time in college.” — Kirk Herbstreith (via Sctvman)

3. “They have a good defense, except against the pass.” — Lou Holtz (on Thursday) talking about Florida (via RFS)

4. “You can live with it with effort penalties.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)

5. “Nice chess move in the chess game between the Volunteers and the Gamecocks.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)

6. “4:45 on the game cock.” — Dave Neal (via Sctvman and Josh S.)

7. “If there was a breeze in this building, it would’ve gone in.” — Ed Cunningham calling an outdoor game. (via JFein)

8. Mike Mayock said Notre Dame’s punter had good “verticality” when he jumped over a Tulsa player on a fake punt.  (via Sctvman) 

9.  “They didn’t have a smorgasbord of options there.” — Verne Lundquist (via Sctvman)

10.  “It all goes back to the phrase we all hear every week – incontrovertible, um, I mean…”  — Verne Lundquist (via Sctvman)

11. “UNLV was body-punched by their schedule.” — Mike Leach (via Sctvman)

12. “What I’d like to do is throw it virtually every down one game, and run it every down the next, then brag how balanced I am.” Mike Leach (via Sctvman)

13. “Frampton has come alive” — Mark Neely about ASU receiver Dwayne Frampton. (via Sctvman)

Week 10 Chronicles:

14. “Just a great job of explosiveness and knowing where he is going with the football to have Syracuse get the early lead” (After Louisville touchdown)–John Congemi (via Da Babies)

15. “Someone must have gotten a hold of the bag of balls before the game because no one can hang on to them.” — Brian Griese (via Sctvman)

16. “He just went bowling for first downs.” — Dave Lapham (there’s an OK State player named Bo Bowling) (via 49er16)

17. “He’s superstitious, always ties the left shoe first. 
Maybe he should try the right.” – Todd Harris on the U’s kicker after Miami’s second XP of the day was missed. Conviently ignoring that both misses werent kickers fault (botched snap, blocked). (via SkinsCapsTerps)

18. “That’s a slobberknocker.” — Tim Brant (via Sctvman)

19. “The Volkswagen bus sized holes the OL is opening” – Jason Sehorn (via SkinsCapsTerps)

20.  “He used his physicalness.” — Brian Griese (via Rick James Bible Owner)

21. “For [defensive coordinator] Greg Robinson, sweet victory.” — Brian Griese after Michigan’s 67-65 win. (via Rick James Bible Owner)

22. “Blitz threatened from the corner … now they back off and only bring eleven.” — Verne Lundquist (via GeorgiaWarEagle)

23. “He must’ve been eating his carrots, because his eyesight was pretty good on that one.” — Aaron Taylor (via Rick James Bible Owner)

24. “Colin Klein might want to change his name to Calvin Klein because his game is high fashion right now.”-Mark Jones (via 49er16 and Cornhorn)

25. “That’s clearly a touchdown–gets all three feet into the field of play.” —Joel Klatt (via Cornhorn and Rick James Bible Owner)

26. “Someone forgot to tell Coach Bill Snyder he’s supposed to be running that sexy split offense.” – Mark Jones (via JFein and Cornhorn)

27. “Caught and dropped, no, caught! Touchdown!” – Barry Tompkins getting confused when an ASU player caught a TD pass and quickly spiked it. (via JFein)

28. “The things they do good aren’t the problem, it’s the things they do bad.  — Mike Leach (via Sctvman)

29. “You know his heart is beating like a hummingbird.” – Barry Tompkins on the USC kicker before attempting a FG to give USC a 34-33 lead (via JFein)

30. “He was double covered in 7 different languages.” — Mike Leach (via Sctvman)