You should know the routine by now. Look over the chronicles one more time, if you have to. I’ve compiled what I think were the best 15 (not in order), but if you strongly believe another one deserves a vote leave it in the comments. Vote for one of the top 15 here at PollDaddy. Poll ends at 1 p.m. Tuesday. The top 10 and updated standings should be posted shortly after.

1. “From 2002-2008 he (Mark Richt) won over 10 wins a game.” — Kirk Herbstreit (via Sctvman)

2. “He didn’t have enough yeast to rise up and make that catch.” — Joe Tessitore (via TFred)

3. “Miami has always been one of the most penalized teams, not only in the nation, but in the conference.” — Bob Griese (via Sctvman)

4. “The old three stooges move. Giving him a shot to the eyes.” — Chris Martin (via Rick James Bible Owner)

5. “I’ll take this kid Ellington home with me.” — Bob Griese (via Sctvman)

6. “He’s gonna make contact with his eyes.” — Chris Spielman (via Sctvman)

7. “Playing the secondary is a lot like marriage. Without communication it’ll never work.” — Chris Spielman (via Sctvman & Mike)

8. “Ben Chappell leads the Big 10 in passing. Up next, they take on the undefeated Hoosiers.” — Pam Ward (via Sctvman)

9. “They’re going to the chapel man. They’re gonna get married” –Chris Spielman after a Ben Chappell highlight (via CK29)
10. “That’s an effort hold.” — Eddie Robinson Jr. which set up a 2nd and 20 with a minute to go, Rutgers down 3. (via Sctvman)
11. “Indiana, which has not beaten Michigan since 1987, battling toe for toe.” — Pam Ward (via Rick James Bible Owner)
12. “Do you believe in miracles!?” — Steve Beurlein after Vols scored to take the lead. (via Mal)
13. “This offensive line gives up more pancakes than Aunt Jemima.” — Craig James (via Sctvman)
14. “You try too much Tebow, and kaboom!” — Verne Lundquist
15. “Why, you would think that is Dick Vitale at Duke!” – Brent Musburger as they show the Oregon fans lifting the Duck over their heads in the stands. (via JFein)