The first week of Pammy votes have been calculated with our first weekly winner of the 2012 season.  Sadly, it's not David Feherty.  Barring a new full-time gig as a sideline reporter for CBS, it looks like he'll have to wait until we launch a PGA Tour version of the Pammies to claim victory.  However, a front-runner has emerged for this year's Pammies title.  Week 1's Top 10 Pammies are after the jump…

10) "And he puts it through, putting UTEP back on top." – Mike Morgan calling a missed UTEP field goal (via nwnAdam)

9) "I've never seen a ball completed that was thrown out of bounds." – Brian Griese (via dantrainor1)

8) "You have a 6'5" future NFL tight end versus a guy who will work on a submarine some day. I like that matchup." – Gary Danielson (via levnaginsky)

7) "41 yard attempt coming, and he drilled it. Correction! He missed it." – Carter Blackburn (via hokie_Byrd)

6) "He (Tyler Tettleton) is the son of Hall of Fame catcher Mickey Tettleton" – Jesse Palmer putting a 2x All-Star and lifetime .241 hitter in the Hall of Fame (via IamRobSimms)

5) "The longer you are from the first down, the harder it is to get." – Danny Kanell (via PayneNick)

4) "A big swallow job by number 99." – Tom Hart (via HodgeChris5)

3) "The Irish people, they're used to watching hurling, which looks like a mixture of lacrosse and second degree manslaughter." – David Feherty (via AA)

2) "Alabama is used to playing on national TV, Michigan is not." – Mark May (via WebbNHD)

1) "What he saw were what his eyes were showing him." – Matt Millen (via asigler13)

Week 1 Standings

1) Matt Millen 10 pts

2) Mark May 9 pts

3) David Feherty 8 pts

4) Tom Hart 7 pts

5) Danny Kanell 6 pts

Others receiving votes: Jesse Palmer 5 pts, Carter Blackburn 4 pts, Gary Danielson 3 pts, Brian Griese 2 pts, Mike Morgan 1 pt.

Stay tuned for the Week 2 announcing schedule tomorrow morning!

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