Your 2010 Week 12 Pammy Winners (With Updated Standings)


Week 13 is upon us, but let’s look back at last week’s Pammy winners. Thanks to everyone who voted and made submissions:

9. Robert Smith on some shirtless guy at Mizzou-ISU: “That guy looks like an out of shape Will Ferrell.” 
Wendi Nix: “Isn’t that an oxymoron?”  Nope, that’s redundant. (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“We let him sit back there and pick his nose.” — Robbie Caldwell on CSS on the lack of defensive pressure on Vols QB Tyler Bray. (via Sctvman)

“They’ll make it really tight. Of course they’d like to score.” – Gary Danielson as LSU trails 36-35 with the ball late in 4th (via SkinsCapsTerps)

“Speaking of ice cream, Barberette the Flavor of the Month.” — Chris Martin (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“That’s like a turnover.” — Dave Lapham describes turnover on downs (via Sctvman)

“Boren looking for an identity as a receiver, I suppose. ‘The Boren Identity.'” — Matt Millen (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“A helmet flies … and I hope there’s not a head in it.” — Mike Hogewood (via Tom Green – Pittsburgh)

“You’re gonna go the sports psychologist route on me? How hard is it to kick the ball through the uprights?” — Chris Spielman (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“After 1st and goal from the one, now they will have to punt” — Verne Lundquistafter LSU was denied the endzone on the first 3 downs. (via Zakk W.)


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Standings after 12 Weeks

1. Chris Spielman (19)

2. Bob Griese (11)

3. Rece Davis & Mark Jones (10)

5. Brent Musburger (9)

6. Craig James & Verne Lundquist (8)

Others receiving votes: Kirk Herbstreit (7), Pam Ward (6), Dave Lapham (6), Chris Martin (6), Gary Danielson (6), Dave Pasch (6), Mike Leach (6), Mike Patrick (6), Lou Holtz (5), Andre Ware (5), Matt Millen (5), Kelly Stouffer (4), Joe Beninati (4), Brad Nessler (4), Beth Mowins (4), Bob Davie (3), Dave Weekley (3), Steve Beurlein (2), John Congemi (2), Brian Griese (2), Barry Tompkins (2), Roger Twibel (2), Ron Franklin (2), Joe Tessitore (2), Mushin Muhammad (2), Dave Popkin (2), Jeremy Bloom (2), Lee Corso (2), Charles Neal (2), Brock Huard (1), Shaun King (1), Trent Dilfer (1), Tom Hammond (1), Rob Stone (1), Tom Glasgow (1), Holly Rowe (1), Dave Lamont (1), Picabo Street (1) Glen Mason (1), Mike Hill (1), Doug Graber (1), Clay Matvick (1), Packey (1), Tim Brando (1), Dave Norrie (1), Joel Klatt (1), Bob Wischusen (1), Danny Kanell (1), Wendi Nix (1), Robbie Caldwell (1), Mike Hogewood (1),