Your Week 4 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings

This week's Pammies Top 10 brings a few old favorites into the countdown for the first time including ESPN's Lee Corso and CBS's Verne Lundquist.  However, in spite of Corso's hilarious "Catholics" quote, neither senior citizen tops the charts for Week 4.  That honor belongs to another debut entrant in the Top 10.  The envelope […]

Your Week 3 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings

The Top 10 countdown for Week 3 of the Pam Ward Chronicles are here and in what could be the biggest runaway I've ever seen with the Pammies, Erin Andrews ran away with the vote this week almost tripling the vote total of second place!  Also this week, David Feherty gains some competition in the […]

Vote for your Week 3 Pammy Nominees!

It was a weird week in college football.  Michigan State couldn't even get into the red zone against Notre Dame (expect to see plenty of Lou Holtz this week on ESPN talking about Notre Dame being BACK!!), Utah fans almost cost their team a win by acting stupid, and a young girl gave Lane Kiffin […]

Your Week 2 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings!

Your votes have been tallied and we have the Top 10 quotes from Week 2 of college football.  A new face takes our top spot while an old face cements his status as the early frontrunner to fill the big shoes of Craig James.  In the words of Matt Millen, if you're a real guy, […]

Vote for your Week 2 Pammy Nominees!

  Some new names dot the list of your Pammy nominees for Week 2 of the Pammies season as we feature bad puns of Biblical proportions!  Will Matt Millen double up on his Week 1 victory or will another announcer stake their claim early on in this Pammies campaign.  Your nominees and poll are after […]

Your Week 1 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings

  The first week of Pammy votes have been calculated with our first weekly winner of the 2012 season.  Sadly, it's not David Feherty.  Barring a new full-time gig as a sideline reporter for CBS, it looks like he'll have to wait until we launch a PGA Tour version of the Pammies to claim victory. […]


Your Week 14 Pammies Winners And FINAL Standings

The regular season is over and so is another year of the Pammies.  But before we take a look at the final Pammies standings and crown a champion (as if you don’t know who it’s going to be), we have to reward Week 14’s winners.  The envelope please… 10) “Every time after Rosario makes a good […]

Your Week 12 Pammies Winners And Updated Standings

Of course Lee Corso was going to win the Pammies this week.  In fact, he did so with the highest vote total so far this season.  However, the real battle was for second place where an unsuspecting name makes an appearance high up the Pammy toteboard.  Also, no Craig James this week?  Was he announcing? […]

Your Week 11 Pammies Winners And Updated Standings

It was only a matter of time until the Penn State scandal spilled over into the Pammies.  This week, brave ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi takes top spot for a quote from the leader’s PSU-Nebraska coverage.  Reporting in front of ominous bushes and sleepy, peaceful students is no easy task ya know.  As for the rest […]


Your Week 10 Pammies Winners And Updated Standings

For the first time all season, Craig James didn’t gain a spot in our weekly countdown of the 10 best Pammies quotes.  I’m just as shocked as you are.  Oh well, at least there wasn’t a huge Fire Craig James banner spotted on College Gameday that made up for it or anything…   (Thanks to […]

Vote For Your Week 10 Pammies Nominees!

  With LSU-Alabama now in the rearview mirror, the real college football championship that everyone cares about can take centerstage – the Pammies!  With the huge CBS primetime game, both Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist feature prominently in today’s list.  Kirk Herbstreit also earns 1000 unofficial bonus points for placing the KIRK HERBSTREIT EARTHQUAKE FACE […]

Your Week 9 Pammies Winners And Updated Standings

Finally, someone has topped Craig James in a weekly Pammy poll!  We all owe the genius of Matt Millen a debt of gratitude.  He picks up some major ground this week and moves into second place with the #1 and #4 quotes this week.  Almost as brilliant as the drafting of Charles Rogers and Mike […]

Your 2011 Pammies Week 4 Winners And Updated Standings

Your latest Pammy awards update is here along with the Week 4 standings.  America’s least favorite analyst Craig James was undoubtedly the star of the week.  Even though he didn’t get the top spot, the Senator racked up 17 points to double his season total thanks to three Top 10 quotes this week.  Jenn Brown’s […]

Your 2011 Pammies Week 3 Winners And Updated Standings

We’re ready to announce the latest Pammy awards and the updated standings after Week 3 in college football.  It was an especially strong debut for CBS analyst Gary Danielson as he took the top and bottom spots in this week’s Top 10, knocking the trailblazer of the Pam Ward Chronicles from her #1 position.  Pam […]

Vote For Your 2011 Pammies Week 2 Winners

Can Pam Ward stay atop the standings as we approach the vote for Week 2 of the Pammies?  (Hint: she has a decent chance.  Also, her broadcast partner Dan Hawkins may be her top challenger this year.)  It was a great week of exciting games all over the place, especially the insane Notre Dame-Michigan finish […]