Vote for your Week 2 Pammy Nominees!

I considered just scrapping the vote this week and awarding all Top 10 positions in the Pammies this week to Brent Musburger's surreal interview with Eminem on Saturday night.  While that would be totally deserving, we have to pay respect to some of the other weird and/'or funny announcing quotes from the weekend.  Here now […]

Your Week 1 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings!

  After the first week of the college football season, it appears that Matt Millen isn't going to waltz to the title as he did last year.  Millen is the only announcer with two entries in the Top 10, yes, but he didn't claim top spot.  That went to another certain ESPN analyst who I […]

Vote for your Week 1 Pammy Nominees!

Year 7 of the Pammies is underway!  If you're new to the actual voting process, each week The Official Pam Ward Chronicles Nominating Committee (aka me) will nominate 15-20 quotes for you to pick the best 10.  The winning quote of the week will earn that announcer 10 points all the way down to 1 […]

Vote for Your Championship Week Pammy Nominees

The last week of the 2012 Pammies are finally upon us.  It's been quite the ride this season with the College GameDay crew giving us several moments to remember and Matt Millen taking up the mantle of those legends that have gone before him like Pam Ward and Craig James.  See the final week's nominees […]

Your Week 13 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings

Only one more week to go in this year's Pammies with championship weekend upon us!  This week, the return of Beaver juice to College GameDay sees them take the top spot for another week.  Your weekly Top 10 quotes and full standings after the jump… 10) "Chaminade sounds like a exotic beverage" – Ray Bentley (via […]

Vote for Your Week 13 Pammy Nominees!

We've reached the last full week of the regular season.  Although Matt Millen and Gary Danielson have the top two spots pretty much wrapped up, there's still valuable rankings and Pammy BCS spots on the line.  See this week's actual nominees and vote after the jump… 1) "And Pedono's field goal is up and no good, […]

Vote for your Week 12 Pammy Nominees!

It's not quite a Pammy quote this week, but I do have to draw some attention to this week's Ohio State- Wisconsin game on Saturday.  It was amazing just how much the ESPN broadcast put towards Montee Ball chasing the NCAA FBS touchdown record.  Now, this is a significant record, don't get me wrong.  However, […]

Your Week 11 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings

It's Pammies time once again!  Although Gary Danielson didn't quite win all 55 points this week, he did win enough to put some distance between himself and the field for second place behind the '27 Yankees of the Pammies – Matt Millen.  Your weekly Top 10 quotes and full standings after the jump… 10) "Just as […]

Vote for your Week 10 Pammy Nominees!

Ok, let's be real.  Matt Millen is winning this year's Pammies by a record margin.  But!  There is still 2nd place to be "won" this year and al the major players have some strong nominees this week.  Plus, I get an excuse to reference a clip from one of my favorite cult classics, so you […]

Your Week 9 Pammies WInners & Updated Standings

To put into perspective just how absolutely dominant Matt Millen has been in this year's Pammies, he now leads second place Kirk Herbstreit and Verne Lundquist by 57 points.  This time last year, Craig James' lead over Millen at Week 9 was a mere 35 points.  Millen has almost quadruple the amount of Pammies points […]

Vote for Your Week 8 Pammy Nominees!

If there is one person on the planet who could topple Matt Millen in this week's Pammies nominees, it is the one and only "sex idiot" himself, Ryan Lochte.  Lochte's legendary GameDay appearance looked more like Seth MacFarlane's impersonation of Lochte, but the end result is still the same – plenty of laughs for all […]

Your Week 7 Pammies WInners & Updated Standings

Another new winner this week makes their first entry into the countdown in mid October and Matt Millen takes what could be an insurmountable lead in this season's Pammies.  This is definitely the best list of quotes from the college football season so far (dare I say in the glorious history of the Pammies?), so […]

Vote for your Week 7 Pammy Nominees!

This week may be my favorite week of Pammy nominees so far in 2012.  So many good choices from Verne Lundquist to Matt Millen to Erin Andrews, but only one can be the winner this week.  Who has your votes? 1) "Someone's gonna feel good, someone's gonna feel bad." – Brad Nessler on OU-Texas (via JesseDeadWoodHarwood) […]

Vote for your Week 6 Pammy Nominees!

As the season has developed, we're getting more and more amazing Pammy entries from College Gameday in the innuendo department.  Last week it was Desmond Howard and his beaver juice.  This week, Kirk Herbstreit got really excited when… well… maybe it's best if I just let you use your imagination.   1) Verne Lundquist: "The […]

Vote for your Week 5 Pammy Nominees!

Grab a cool, tall glass of beaver juice and join us for our Week 5 Pammy Nominees!  Your full list of nominees and poll are after the jump! 1)  "Believe it or not, we're told that Wazzu is trending on the social media site, Twitter." – Mark Jones, so hip during Oregon/Washington St. (via CK29) 2) […]