Your 2010 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 7

Here’s your full announcing schedule. Leave any comments here and we’ll update as the day progresses. You know the routine.

“He was just a half-step from taking it to the paydirt.” — David Norrie (UCF-Marshall) (via Sctvman)

“Last year, Lattimore was the best college player except he was playing in high school” — Trevor Matich (via Musburger’s Flask)

“Tebow, he’s thick. Here’s Denard, [holds up pen]” — Trevor Matich (via Musburger’s Flask)

“Tonight from Morgantown.” — Beth Mowins In UCF/Marshall game (via jdhood)

“Go channel your inner Pirate” — Mike Leach (via Bay Area Boogie)


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“Do you realize there are only three main killers (colors with his impediment): red, green and yellow? But think of what Michaelangelo did with those killers.”Lou Holtz as Mack Brown before the game (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“Jeff Mullens says he plays from the neck up.” — Jesse Palmer (via Sctvman)

“Coffman could’ve scored in touch football.” — Dave Lapham (via Sctvman)

“He is a 230 pound ballerina.” — Dave Lapham (via Sctvman)

“Most people like sandwiches with their Biere, don’t they?” — Dave Lapham after KU tight end Tim Biere gets smushed by a couple of KSU defenders (via Musburger’s Flask)

“My quad and hammy hurt form that exercise.” — Craig James (via Sctvman)