The 2011 Pam Ward Chronicles Week 11

All eyes are on Happy Valley this week where Dave Pasch and Chris Spielman have the task of presenting a football game amidst the Jerry Sandusky scandal.  Potential PSU head coaching candidate Urban Meyer misses the game due to the death of his father, thoughts and prayers certainly with him.  Elsewhere, Stanford/Oregon is the marquee […]

The 2011 Pam Ward Chronicles Week 10

They just so happen to be playing a game of football Saturday night in Alabama this week that you may have heard a little something about.  There are actually other games this week too, and another full week of the Pammies! Week 10 Announcing Schedule  Week 9 winners and updated standings _________________________________________________ “it’s caught!!!!!!!!!!!! incomplete.” – […]

The 2011 Pam Ward Chronicles Week 9

With the World Series now done and dusted and the NBA reaching ANOTHER stupidly frustrating breaking point in lockout negotiations, that means one thing – more football than ever before!  Hopefully that means AA Nation (too cliche?  AA Hemisphere?  AA Galaxy?) will be in full force for this week’s Pam Ward Chronicles.  PamHawk is on […]

The 2011 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 4

Can Pam Ward be stopped? Is Gary Danielson making a run for the AA PW Award? Jenn Brown and Mike Morgan have a running start this week, with Craig James earning plenty of submissions, as well. Leave us with all the awfulness you hear throughout this football Saturday and we’ll put it to a vote on […]

The 2011 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 3

The Pam Ward Chronicles are here for Week 3 and the major story of the young college football season is the dominance of Pam Ward.  She’s taken the win in the first two weeks of the Pammies.  Can anyone stop her from reclaiming her rightful throne?  This week, PamHawk is in Chapel Hill for Virginia […]

The 2011 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 2

The Pam Ward Chronicles roll on for Week 2 of the college football season.  Some interesting games on the docket today including Penn State/Alabama, South Carolina/Georgia, and mediocre teams Notre Dame and Michigan getting the national spotlight under the lights in Ann Arbor for some reason.  Current Pammies leader Pam Ward (who else?) will be […]

The 2011 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 1

They’re baaaaaaack!  The Pam Ward Chronicles triumphantly return for a fifth season to document all the awful announcing and best quotes throughout the day in college football.  Defending Pammies champ Chris Spielman will be in Columbus for Akron/Ohio State on ESPN at noon ET and you can check out all the games, times, and announcers […]

Your 2010 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 12 Edition

I’m going to put last week’s Pammy awards together during the pre-game show and link it back up here. Until then, leave any awful analysis/announcing you hear throughout the day. Here’s your full announcing schedule for this week. Okay, go._______________________________________________________________  “Denied access” — Beth Mowins call of a goal line stop in Ohio-Temple game (via […]

Your 2010 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 11 Edition

Pammy winners from Week 9 and 10 are here! Sorry for its tardiness, but now that those are in the rearview, let’s continue updating the week 11 pam ward chronicles with awful announcing you hear on this fine fall/wintery Saturday.  Here is your full announcing schedule._______________________________________________ Craig James really just said “allegations will not impact […]

Your 2010 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 10

We’re going to combine the voting for week 9 and 10 because of conflicts preventing the Pammy vote from happening last week. It’ll be just as epic and nobody from Week 9 will get a free pass, so don’t worry. Keep up the awesome contributions and we should have the voting up by Monday morning. […]

Your 2010 Week 9 Pam Ward Chronicles

Your full week 9 announcing schedule is here. I’ll be missing most of the nooooon games, but will be around all day after that. And here we go. ________________________________________________________________ “A pick six is always worse than a punt.” — Dave Norrie via Sctvman “It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an inch, 3/4 or a half […]

Your 2010 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 8

I’ll be out of town Saturday, but you know the drill — leave any and all awful announcing you hear in the comments. If you’re not near a computer, you can tweet awful announcing using the hash tag #pwaa or sending it directly to us @awfulannouncing. Here’s your week 8 announcing schedule.  Go. __________________________________________________ “It’s […]

Your 2010 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 7

Here’s your full announcing schedule. Leave any comments here and we’ll update as the day progresses. You know the routine. ______________________________________________________________ “He was just a half-step from taking it to the paydirt.” — David Norrie (UCF-Marshall) (via Sctvman) “Last year, Lattimore was the best college player except he was playing in high school” — Trevor […]

Your 2010 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 6

Week 6 is upon us. Here is your full announcing schedule for week 6 college football. With MLB playoffs in full swing, NHL regular season and NBA preseason beginning, submissions have been slow for the Tuesday-Friday games, but leave the awful announcing you hear on Saturday in the comments. We’ll update as the day progresses._________________________________________________________ […]

Your 2010 Pam Ward Chronicles: Week 5

Your full announcing schedule can be found here. I’m seeking out Pammy today. ________________________________________ Rece Davis: Nicely dart for the first down. Jesse Palmer: Those chips, they hurt on defense. (via Sctvman) “Whistles went off before Dan Bailey could poke through the extra point.” — Rece Davis (via Sctvman) “It’s just like, ‘wooh!’” — Craig […]