Your full week 9 announcing schedule is here. I’ll be missing most of the nooooon games, but will be around all day after that. And here we go.


“A pick six is always worse than a punt.” — Dave Norrie via Sctvman

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an inch, 3/4 or a half inch……… cleat that is.” — Craig James (via Sctvman) 

“That mayday stuff, that nostradamic stuff.” (about the clock being wrong on the stat)Craig James (via Sctvman)

“It was a great 4th quarter for North Carolina State” — Rece Davis (at the end of the 3rd)  (via Sctvman)

“Third and California for FSU.” — Jesse Palmer (via Sctvman)

“Danged if you do, danged if you don’t.” — Craig James (via Stvman)

How many do we drink when Craig James says “big [time] play!” tonight?