Your fearless Pammy leader is calling the Noon ESPN’er between NC State & Georgia Tech. Seek out your favorite announcers at your full announcing schedule and leave their awfulness in the comments as nominations.
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We’ll update the Pammy nominations as the day progresses.
Rod Gilmore thinks the head starts at the armpit. via Dascenzo
“(The mid 1930s) was the last time a Brillo pad hit that thing.”  — Joe Tessitore on the Iron Skillet (via Rick James Bible Owner)
“Andy Dalton, the red-headed quarterback.” — Lee Corso (via Sctvman)
“Josh Jasper, the friendly ghost.” — Lee Corso (via Sctvman)
“You have the blue in Boise, but you have the copycat inferno in Cheney, WA.” — Chris Fowler (via Sctvman)
“If he’s not a Heisman candidate, then there shouldn’t be a Heisman candidate.” — Kirk Herbstreit on Kellen Moore (via Sctvman)
“Mitch Mustain to Ben Cleveland steamin in the end zone” — Chris Fowler (via CUBFLOS)
“Oregon State have two chances to win tonight, slim and none.” — Lee Corso (via Sctvman)
“I see coach Bobby Johnson and Georgia Tech sending the Wolfpack packing.” — Picabo Street, Tech’s coach is Paul Johnson. (via Sctvman)
Mike Morgan called Mark Dantonio “D’Antonio.”
“It’s a 7-0 MSU win.” — Mike Morgan in the 1st quarter.
“I’m not that smart.” — Mushin Muhammad (via Isaac)
“If this kid (Russell Wilson) was four inches taller, he’d be on the #1 list for everybody.” – Bob Griese
“This is what you call a volleyball interception.” — Glen Mason (CM/NW game)
“I asked the trainer, ‘Did he tear his ACL?” — Quint Kessenich on Denard Robinson’s minor knee injury.
“Could Boise State go on the Bataan Death March that Alabama has been on the last couple of years?”  — Doug Gottlieb (via Sctvman)
“Great coverage by the Boilermakers.” — Matt Shepard after a Toledo punt. (via Sctvman)
“This is really getting to be an epidemic of penalties on the Ball State offense.”  — Wayne Larrivee
“Too much speed, too much grass, welcome to Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood”Brian Griese (via mcnealc31)
“What a first quarter it has been for Michigan. 21 points on the board, 11 first downs, a turnover, and Denard Robinson potentially knocked out for the rest of the game with an injury.” — Bob Wischusen
“That’s how the Wolfpack were able to hunt, basically like a pack of wolves”Chris Spielman (via CK29)
“I guess you take a knee to have a feel of the field before halftime.” — Mike Gleason (via Sctvman)
“You can take those effort penalties if the ball has already been snapped.”Andre Ware (via Sctvman)
“He’s got a good ball skills.” — Matt Stinchcomb (via Sctvman)
“It’s not going to be a run play, when it’s a pass play…because of pass protection.” — Chris Spielman (via Dascenzo, ReaderM and Rich Greene)
“Torrie Smith, there was some bumpin’ and grindin’ going on out there.” — Rob Stone (via Rick James Bible Owner)
If you’re just now joining us, this is not ESPN Classic and this is not a game from last year.” — Bob Wischusen on Forcier being in the Michigan game (via Rick James Bible Owner)
“Scott Vallone on the tackle New Jerseey product from Central Islip, NY” — Pam Ward (via Aaron2hott)
“and of course, the late great Magic Johnson” — Mushin Muhammad talking about the Big Ten icon as if he’s dead (via Isaac)
“I already sound like I’ve been at homecoming.” — Ryan Rose (via Sctvman)
“You know it’s a big game when Mr. Manning shows up.” — Tim Brando (via 49er16)
“I call that the delayed QB draw.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)
“It’s tighter than the knot on your tie.” — Andre Ware talking to Dave Neal (via Sctvman)
“The twilight zone for Tennessee.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)
“Bernard Pierce pierces the endzone.” — Chris Martin (via JFein)
“He’s wide open! … Intercepted.” — Verne Lundquist (Preacher)
“Shrunkenage. What difference does one inch make?” — Gary Danielson (via Rick James Bible Owner)
“I’m just glad I brought my contacts today because that was a blur.” — Chris Martin (via JFein)
“If looks could kill, he is definitely upset right now.” — Charissa Thompson (via JFein)
“What can Brown do for you? Not much on this play.” — Chris Martin (via JFein)
“You might even call him the Fresh Prince of LA.” — Sean McDonough (via hooverbaseball)
“It’s a Morton Salt kind of day. When it rains, it pours.” — Matt Millen (via James Russel Craven)
“Field goal doesn’t do the Razorbacks any good.” — Verne Lundquist as Alabama decides what to do on 4th and inches. (via Rick James Bible Owner)
“Urban Meyer rolled the dice and came up aces.” — Clay Matvick (via dplatt84)
“If you want to hear a sound emanating from Boise, Idaho, come on back.” — Brent Musburger (via Rick James Bible Owner)
“Fannin on the first fumble, Dyer on the second. It could be dire straits if they score.”Brad Nessler (via Sctvman)
“He’s going to be just a shade shy.” — Brad Nessler (via Sctvman)
“He completed 60% of his passes.” — Lou Holtz on McElroy, who completed 6/9 passes in 4th quarter.
“I guess you can say D is for devastating and j is for jarring.” — Mark Jones (via Sctvman)
“Hoddy toddy gosh almighty.” — Rece Davis (via Sctvman)
“When this guy hits you, you stay hit.” — Bob Davie (via Rockchalk)
“The old air fake. Sort of like air guitar.” — Brad Nessler (via Sctvman)
“Darren Bates laid the wood on Garcia.” — Todd Blackledge (via Rick James Bible Owner)
“Tony Straughter got him some in the face.” — Brad Nessler (via Rick James Bible Owner)
“James Rodgers feels like Big Meech. Larry Hoover. Doin’ work. And he’s a mover!”Mike Hill (via Rick James Bible Owner)
“Jaye Howard is like a landlord. He’s renting space all over.” — Mark Schlereth (via mtjaws)
“Will he get the first down? No he will not! I don’t think.” — Verne Lundquist (via Dascenzo)
“when u get in the open field thats where the speed really becomes such a strong asset..” — Lou Holtz (via acoracle)
“And there’s the trickeration.” — Brent Musburger (via GenoMrosko)