ESPN College GameDay is in Auburn, AL for the Auburn/Clemson game and hopefully you’re here for the Week 3 Pam Ward Chronicles.

Here is your full announcing schedule. Below are the few nominations we’ve had so far. Leave any derps in the comments and in due time you’ll see them featured above.

Jesse Palmer: If we look at NC State’s true freshmen running backs, the one that has impressed me  most is Mustafa Green…
Craig James: He puts his foot in the ground and moves it north. 
Jesse Palmer: And he’s good at running the football as well as catching it.

“That’s not a Kerry Collins old wind up” — Mark Neely (via Sctvman)

“Wilson… over the middle, oh-oh it’s hanging up there and it’s caught. And now it’s fumbled!” — Rece Davis, mostly so I could link this.

“He didn’t throw the fastball outside.” — David Norrie (via Sctvman)

“The runningback looked like Sylverster Stallone in Cliffhanger.” David Norrie (via Sctvman)

“Georgia’s defense has to step up. They kept getting punched by South Carolina last week without throwing any counter punches.” — Chris Spielman

“I’m selfish, I wanna see the kid play. He has circus man freak skills & I don’t get to see him.” — Chris Spielman on AJ Green

“So the defensive holding is on Thaddeux Brown, the quarterback.” — Mark Neely

“I think that a big conference team should have to lose two games before BC, no Boise State, gets a chance at the National Championship.” — Lee Corso (via Sctvman)

“Texas heads into Lubbock with 10, 12 straight Big 12 wins.” — Lee Corso (via Sctvman)

“There was a woodwind out there trying to make the team.” — Tom Hart on Michigan’s open tryouts. (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“And of course we know the football is oblong.” — Anthony Herron (via Rob Rogacki)

“On 3rd and short, it’s dealer’s choice.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)

“That’s a high-risk, low-reward throw.” — Brian Griese (via Sctvman)

“They almost got the quarterback sandwich, on special today.” — Chris Spielman (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“Hindsight is 20-20. Spike it to the ground.” — Dave Lapham after a QB run (via Sctvman)

“Jeremy Reeves buttoned him up.” — Bill Land (via Sctvman)

“Unbelievable injury situation for the Mean Green” — Dave Ryan (via Sctvman)

“Each team with one play stoppage in this first half.” — Dave Ryan (via Sctvman)

“A little bit of out and up there.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)

“Georgia essentially will have to go the length of the field, as they start at their own 25.” — Dave Pasch (via Sctvman)

“6-foot-4, that’s a lot of Hokie to throw over.” — Ryan Rose (via Sctvman)

“Every time I flip around, I turn it on and watch. It’s a really good show.” — Bob Griese on SportsNation (via Sctvman)

“They’re the real deal. You need offense to win championships.” — Chris Spielman (via Sctvman)

“Not a hurry-up, but kind of a half-hurry-up.” Chris Spielman

“Locking up those horns, baby!” — Dave Lapham (via Sctvman)

“Hold your water.” — Bob Griese (via Sctvman)

“So Massachusetts, missing the 2-point conversion is down 12 and needs three scores.” — Tom Hart (via Sparan Chris)

“If you’re putting a guy in the bear hug, you got to call the flag.” — Chris Spielman (via Sctvman)

“Childs, please!” — Dave Pasch after Greg Childs game winning touchdown for Arkansas (via Abe)

“All that shucking and driving led to the penalty.” — Ryan Rose (via Sctvman)
“He couldn’t hold the water.” — John Gregory

“We can’t speculate that his toe went down.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)

“They need their receivers to get going and Jermaine Thomas is going for 1500 rushing yards.” — Pam Ward on a running back. (via Sctvman)

“Cam Newton is a two hundred and forty…thousand pound playmaker.” — Wendy Nix (via Murph)

“The most impressive legs of any two teams in college football playing today.” — Mike Leach (via Sctvman)

“Cutcliffe encouraging the defense to be more stout.” — Beth Mowins (via Sctvman)

“A lot of times a player is picking up the futbol is susceptible.” — Mike Leach (via Sctvman)

“We’ve got kind of a zoo coming on here, these animals competing, right here in the arena.” — Mike Leach (ref in the game is a chief financial officer of the St. Louis zoo) (via Sctvman)

“Spurts right through it.” — Pam Ward (via Sctvman)

“He hit Thomas square on with his side.” — Pam Ward (via Sctvman)

“That timeout did the Nebraska defense a huge favor.” — Craig James calling the Arizona State-Wisconsin game. (via Eric Sorenson)

“For Florida to win the championship, you have to make short-yardage plays.” — Gary Danielson (via Sctvman)

“When you have the public media and the Tweeting and everyone has iPhones, that arrest number is shocking.” — Gary Danielson (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“It’s the cardinal and gold versus the maroon and gold in downtown Minneapolis.” — Dave Lamont (via Sctvman)

“Lane Kiffin is the guy in the drive through getting coffee spilled on his lap.” — Dave Lamont

“This guy could get touchbacks in Canada.” — Pam Ward (there are no touchbacks in Canada, but she did correct herself).

“You know guys, I like this Ark…Ark… Arkan… sas ball…ar…club.” — Bob Griese

“The play here is vision.” — Chris Spielman

“Nice to see Joe [Montana] too.  He’s getting gray; I like that.” — Brad Nessler followed by some awkward silence.

“He keeps jumping up & down moving that hand saying, ‘ow! ow! ow!” so I can’t tell what’s wrong, but it doesn’t look good for Armando Allen.” — Holly Rowe

“Everybody’s an expert…” — Brad Nessler as camera shows fan arguing a call

“If you see anymore guts than that all year, give me a call.” — Brad Nessler

“There’s some conTusion on  USC’s defense.” — Dave Lamont

“No sign of the field goal team.” — Mike Patrick on third down (via Sctvman)

“Looks like your 9-iron.” — Verne Lundquist after a field goal curved in. (via JFein)

“Here’s the first snap. A little bit outside, as Bob Uecker used to say.” — Gary Danielson (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“Gordon just out-athletic’d Florida on that play — Gary Danielson
I’m glad you went with out-athletic’d instead of out-physical’d” — Verne Lundquist (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“Michigan was down to a team, UMass, in the Championship Series.” — Pam Ward (via Sctvman)

“Dirty Laundry on the field.” — Mike Belotti (via Sctvman)

“When you get in the red zone, the field becomes more wider than it does vertically.” — Chris Martin (via mcnealc31)

“Squirts out there, then he becomes Leo DiCaprio…catch me if you can.” — Chris Martin (via mcnealc31)

“Since then (stat shows 3/9 passing) wow 30%. Wait.. a little less than that. 33%.” — Chris Martin (via mcnealc31)

“Frankie Hammond Jr.! Off the suspended list!” — Verne Lundquist (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“And that will do it for the first quarter.” — Roger Twibel after the 3rd quarter. (via The Real Randy Jackson)

“I’m familiar with this intentional grounding stuff.” — Gary Danielson (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“Throws it deep…” — Vern Lundquist referring to TD from 9-yard line. (via B-Flo)

“What you want to do is squeeze him from the side and shut the front door.” — Kelly Stouffer (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“We call that the dead leg. He gave him the dead leg and snuck on in there.” — Robert Smith (via JFein)

“There’s been some Major League hittin’ going on in this game. This one’s not for sissies, this game.” — Brent Musbuger (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“Newton is banged and he’s not going to get it.” — Brent Musburger (via JFein)

“Goodbye Stephon Gilmore, hello endzone.” — Andy Demetra (via Sctvman)

“We have four children. All of them are girls, except two” — Lou Holtz

“Michael Floyd wants a slopppy burger named after him and I immediately thought of you (Blackledge).” — Brad Nessler (via 49er16)

“Mike Stoops is on some Red Bull, chased by expresso.” — Mark Jones (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“I’ve never seen a thermometer block a punt, throw an INT that was returned for a TD, or let them have a kickoff return for a TD.” — Bob Davie
Never time we do the thermometer we’re gonna go buy a big time thermometer. That one came from a local thrift shop. I’m not sure of the credibility of that thermometer.” (via Rick James Bible Owner)

“It was well played by Notre Dame. They defended it very, very well. There was nobody that came free.” — Lou Holtz on MSU’s fake FG in OT