They just so happen to be playing a game of football Saturday night in Alabama this week that you may have heard a little something about.  There are actually other games this week too, and another full week of the Pammies!

Week 10 Announcing Schedule 

Week 9 winners and updated standings

“it’s caught!!!!!!!!!!!! incomplete.” – Dave Lamont (via bjo109) 

Rece Davis: “What would you tell kids to do in that situation?”
Craig James: “Don’t watch SportsCenter” (via sctvman) 

“Miami next up on their dance card, a week from Saturday.” – Rece Davis (via sctvman) 

“And Jack Nicklaus’ grandson is on the green in one! Or at least in the red zone.” – Rece Davis (via Rob Laser)

“Jimbo Fisher knows how to get QBs ready for the NFL; when he was at LSU, he had JaMarcus Russell 1st Overall” – Jesse Palmer (via AlexFromBuffalo)

“We’ve had 3 touchdowns in 6 minutes” – Rod Gilmore (via BoBips2188) with the score 7-7.

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