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Last week, Bleacher Report’s Natalie Weiner wrote a highly-praised piece on Greg Hardy, domestic violence and the NFL’s handling of it. Alongside it, she shared a 2015 piece she wrote for SB Nation’s Seattle Seahawks’ site, criticizing the team for drafting defensive end Frank Clark despite domestic violence charges against him. On Tuesday, Clark apparently tweeted at her about it, saying her job wouldn’t last long and he’d have a job for her cleaning his fishtank. Clark has deleted the tweet, but Weiner screencapped it:

That is a horribly bad take, and something that might get Clark into some trouble. Just insulting Weiner over an old post she wrote (which was about her feelings about the team drafting Clark despite the charges he’d faced) would be one thing, but he seems to take it to a threatening level, and imply that journalists shouldn’t cover domestic violence accusations against NFL players. That’s not the message most NFL teams would want their players sending.

For reference, here’s what Mark Snyder of The Detroit Free Press wrote on the 2014 charges against Clark, which led to him being dismissed from the Michigan football team:

Curran asked Clark how this incident started and he stated women “I don’t know what they do, what they go through, I don’t know what she is going through, I know she is going through some crazy fits, and she may be pregnant.”

Based on the evidence gathered by Curran and a fellow officer arriving at the scene, they had a different assessment. They saw enough to arrest Clark at the scene, over his girlfriend’s objections, placing the 6-foot-2, 277-pound Clark in handcuffs and recommending charges of two first-class misdemeanors, one for domestic violence and one for assault.

…”We went up the room, there was a damaged lamp on the table, a damaged lamp on the wall and she’s got a large welt on the side of her cheek, she’s got marks on her neck,” Curran said. “She had what looked like rug burn on her one thigh. We have pictures of everything.”

…According to Hurt, she and Clark began to argue while lying on the bed in their room at the Maui Sands Resort and Indoor Waterpark. She got angry, threw a TV remote control at him, and he responded by trying to restrain her on the bed. She told Curran that she tried to get loose by biting his nose. Then she said he pushed her head into the bed, they got off the bed and he punched her in the face, knocking her back and breaking a lamp. She stated that she threw an alarm clock at him as he prepared to leave the room.

Her two juvenile brothers offered more graphic accounts to Curran, pinning more blame on Clark. One of the brothers told police that Clark drank at least a fifth of Hennessy. Hurt underwent a portable breath test that measured .000%.

The brothers said they saw Clark hitting their sister and one said Clark had her against a wall, grabbing her by the throat, picking her off the ground and slamming her down.

We’ll see if anything further comes of Clark’s tweet to Weiner.

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  • Hopefully nothing because 1/ it was goddamn hilarious and 2/ goddamn true

    • Royberto

      You are a lowlife. He was an ass and should be fined by the team. Don’t expect one because Pete Carroll is a lowlife too.

  • Mezzanine

    Frank Clark is a scumbag but you, Andrew Bucholtz, are a complete disgrace and embarrassment to journalism. How is what he tweeted as you say ‘taking it to a threatening level’. I also like how you made a 10 mile leap in logic and said that tweet ‘imply that journalists shouldn’t cover domestic violence accusations against NFL players.’ You literally just put words into his mouth. He didn’t say that, but you extrapolated it and said it for him then made it his viewpoint.

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