The NFL loves to slap its shield and team logos on a variety of merchandise, from hats and shirts to pet collars and golf club covers. The league also likes to roll create generic lines of clothing that they slightly tweak for each team every year.

It’s that group of merchandise that’s recently created a problem for the league, because they infringed on a trademark held by a company that doesn’t exactly like the league office.

On Tuesday, Barstool Sports noticed that the league was selling t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Sundays Are For The…”, followed by the team name.

That, of course, is a blatant ripoff of Barstool’s “Saturdays Are For The Boys” moniker that TMZ reported is trademarked.

A cursory search of Fanatics, the league’s official partner, reveals shirts for all 32 teams in both men’s and women’s cuts.

Understandably, people at Barstool are pissed off, and this paragraph from a blog post sums it up quite succinctly.

But this I cannot stand for. I’m not letting this rat fuck Roger Goodell pull one over on me. I’m not letting him stand at the podium at the Super Bowl, say he’s never heard of Barstool Sports, then start slinging SAFTB gear in the store. That’s fucking bullshit and I wouldn’t be a man if I let it slide. I don’t know what I’m gonna do because I’m not entirely sure that this is actionable, as we don’t own every day of the week, but I’ve never let the rules stop me from making a scene before, Roger. I’ll get Charlie Kelly to draw up a C&D in crayon and I’ll go sit my ass in the lobby at Park Ave, a place where I’m banned from enter, again. I’ll have Michael Portnoy Esq bury you up to your eyeballs in paperwork. I’ll start selling so many goddamn NFL copyright infringing t-shirts it’ll make your head spin.

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy also released a video (during which he remained pretty calm) blasting the league.

My main takeaway from this beef is that it was *completely avoidable* from the NFL. They damn well know which outlet popularized the phrase, and they damn well know how faithful and devoted Barstool’s audience is. They also know how much Barstool’s management despises the league office (SEE: The Roger Goodell clown towel giveaway before this season’s Opening Night game between the Patriots and Chiefs), and that antagonizing Barstool in a way that was completely unnecessary would just be chumming the waters for Barstool’s fanbase.

If you’re the NFL, what do you gain from selling these shirts? Merchandise sales maybe into the tens of thousands, at the cost of pissing off an outlet that despises you even more? It really doesn’t seem worthwhile to me.

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  • Carter_Burger67

    So does the NFL has a checklist of people they are trying to piss off and drive away from their product? The NFL would be all over Barstool like stink on a monkey if they had of even sniffed around one of their trademarks. I hope Dave figures out how, if not to cost Goodell a lot of money, at least a lot of embarassment.

  • TriCuriousGeorge

    >>> Barstool founder Dave Portnoy also released a video (during which he remained pretty calm)

    Yes, you do need to point out when Portnoy isn’t being a dbag.

  • Shame Hannity

    Not a fan of Barstool or Portnoy, but I hope he’s a pain in the ass to Goodell and the NFL on this TM infringement.

  • MrBull

    Where is the issue?…two totally different sayings and styling…if it is not copy righted, then you have claim….
    Portnoy needs to grow up or better yet, receive a legal beat down of his life time…

    • John Danknich

      Portnoy grow up? Yeah, right.

    • ncpete

      Saturdays are for the Boys is copyrighted by Barstool. Slightly changing the words is still copyright infringement, especially in the case of the Cowboys shirt which is practically identical to the Barstool shirts other than a different day of the week.

  • Derek Boynton

    I love it!

  • PAI

    I so wish both sides could lose this battle.

  • 66pugs99

    The people on this site can’t be that dumb. A mass majority of fans hate Barstool sports, which is why they were kicked off ESPN after one show. This is nothing but a win for the NFL and a great PR take. Heck, I’m now searching the site right now just because of what they did to the worst human beings in sports. How do you miss that? I feel like this site gets lost inside it’s own beltway sometimes.

  • the_reFUNCT

    Portnoy, a 40-something year-old man running a useless dude-bro site, as usual being a child and just one more idiot who somehow believes Goodell touches every single thing the NFL puts out there. There’s a reason no one takes Barstool seriously.