Dave Lozo on Jim Brady

The Jemele Hill/ESPN saga has spread to a totally different company. That would be Spirited Media, which runs local news sites in Philadelphia (Billy Penn), Denver (Denverite), and Pittsburgh (The Incline). Spirited Media’s CEO is Jim Brady, who’s also the ESPN public editor, and Dave Lozo (who wrote once a week for The Incline during NHL season, and also freelances for Awful Announcing’s sister site The Comeback) called Brady “the dumbest person alive” Friday in response to Brady’s controversial column in that ESPN role criticizing Jemele Hill’s tweets.

That led to Spirited Media parting ways with Lozo Monday, and lots of tweets from Lozo, Brady, and Spirited Media sports editor Dan Levy. First, here are some of Lozo’s comments (there are many more) on Brady Friday:

And here’s what happened Monday:

Brady then defended the decision to Gene Weingarten of The Washington Post (where Brady previously headed up digital) and several Deadspin writers:

This may be the weirdest way for politics to (indirectly) intrude into sports in 2017 yet. We’ll have more on this story later.

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  • Jim Brady has no business being the “public editor” for anyone. Too thin a skin, and too much riding on his opinion if he is also head of another media company.

    Bring back Bob Lipsyte!

    • waynebeamer

      Simon: Couldn’t agree more. First off, shouldn’t a working knowledge of social media be a requisite skill for anyone owning an online media company?

      And, why is this contractor Espn’s public editor who couldn’t even hold Bob Lipsyte’s journalistic jock strap?

      After reading his column about Hill, what Lozo said about Brady taking 2,000 words to make a point when 600 would do was spot-on too. The column read like a shield for ESPN to defend themselves from public condemnation for Hill’s public comments. On her Twitter Feed. Not on her espn SC show.

    • PAI

      Screw that, bring back Don Ohlmeyer.

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  • Kyle J

    I honestly think everything Jim said makes sense. If Jemle Hill called Skipper the dumbest person alive she would no longer be employed by ESPN. This goes for any employee who says that about their boss. The left leaning Twitter media reporters are all anti ESPN ombudsman now. They can’t just disagree with his opinion and explain why? Bucholtz and Deitch think it’s time for him to lose his job? Who are they to say that? The ombudsman did exactly what his job is supposed to be. His column was well reasoned IMO.

  • MrBull

    Typical of the left, fire away with insults at another person, in this case your boss, then argue about being fired over it…and then trying to defend your use of the insulting word….
    Then have more members of the ‘peanut gallery’ jumping in to add their two cents of worthless support for the name calling, job losing bozo….