Friday was a big day for the Buffalo Beauts of the National Women’s Hockey League, but it was an even bigger day for Buffalo player Harrison Browne, who publicly announced that he is the first openly transgender player in American professional team sports.

The news is historic for obvious reasons but it also helps to serve those in the media who are still figuring out the nuances involved with covering those who identify as a transgender person, a non-binary gender person, or someone who is gender fluid.

Shortly following the announcement, Yahoo! Sports hockey blog Puck Daddy published a Q&A with Browne discussing the decision and what it means for him. The original title of the post specifically referred to him as Hailey Browne, which was Harrison’s birth name.

As a rule, it’s customary to refer to someone who is transgender by the name they go by and not by a name they previous used. According to GLAAD, “they should be afforded the same respect for their chosen name as anyone else who lives by a name other than their birth name (e.g., celebrities).”

As such, the decision to lead with Browne’s birth name ruffled many feathers right away.

When pressed on the matter, Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski initially brushed off the concerns.

As you might expect, putting the comfort of the writer or outlet ahead of the comfort of the subject didn’t really go over all that well either.

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