Las Vegas will be stepping into the major league sports realm in a short few months when the Vegas Golden Knights step onto the ice. But if you listen to the CBS Radio stations in the city, you wouldn’t even know they exist. It appears that the group which includes six stations has been ordered not to mention the team, not to discuss the team or even write about the team on the group’s websites and social media platforms.

Update: CBS Radio has now changed course, issuing this statement to Jason Barrett (who wrote about the situation here):

Original piece follows:

The Golden Knights are preparing for their inaugural season in the NHL and have already awarded their TV and radio rights to AT&T SportsNet and Lotus Broadcasting respectively. But for CBS Radio, it’s as if the Golden Knights aren’t even playing. The cluster’s general manager Tony Perlongo spoke with KLAS-TV sports anchor Ron Futrell about this policy:

“We have a lot of other things to cover, the Knights don’t work into our coverage.” He added, “We have an amazing amount of content. We support their (the Golden Knights) success in the marketplace, but that will depend on their partnership that they’ve already developed.”

An e-mail was been circulated to all employees:

Just wanted to pass along this info….a decision has been made that effective immediately, there are to be no further mentions of the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team on any CBS/LV radio stations or any of our social media platforms. This includes, but not limited to, on sale ticket mentions, player/coaches interviews, plugging locals to sing national anthem, TV broadcast schedule, etc. It is now the responsibility of the Golden Knights’ chosen radio partner to help accomplish their goals, not ours. We are asking you to include ‘show’ pages, as well. We need to show a united front on this issue. If you have anything already planned around the team, please cancel. If you have any ‘best of’ bits around the team, please do not air and find another piece of content.

This is quite rare for an entire radio group to ignore a professional sports team especially when it’s beginning a new experience in the city. Imagine CBS Radio stations in Southern California ignoring the Los Angeles Chargers in their first year in the market.

For CBS Radio in Las Vegas, this smacks of sour grapes after losing the sweepstakes to get the Golden Knights. If CBS Radio won the rights to the team, you can successfully bet that all of the stations would be on board with coverage, ticket giveaways and all types of promotions.

It’s a strange policy. CBS Radio stations in other markets don’t ignore teams that aren’t carried on its airwaves, but the Las Vegas group is making a point to ignore the Golden Knights.

[Ron Futrell]

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  • BT

    Odds on them sticking to this if there’s something negative regarding the team to talk about?

  • John Danknich

    What a bunch of BS.

  • FreeJeffDubay

    Nice Alt-Left response.

    • Spencer Jacobson

      You pretending that’s a thing doesn’t make it so.

      Just like you pretending you’re not a Nazi doesn’t make it so.

  • Ondreij Schevchenko

    Trump’s America.

    • jrwskw

      Actually more anti-Trump. 1984 like.

      • Ondreij Schevchenko

        1984. Yeah. Exactly like Trump.

  • As if radio can afford to pick and choose what they will and will not acknowledge as current events in their city. The industry is practically dead already, this is just stupidly shunning even more potential listeners than they already have. What a bunch of morons.

  • jimmylegs

    ESPN has been ignoring hockey for years, it was the stepchild even when they did carry NHL games. So yeah, there’s precedence.

    • iLeonD

      Truth bomb!

  • Mike

    A new team in a major league in Vegas and a local radio station can’t be bothered? Paraphrasing John Danknich, what a load of male bovine feces.

  • Ted Mark

    I’m imagining CBSRadio stations in SoCal ignoring The Chargers’ return to LA. No problem.

  • Zombietroy

    looking below: How does everything seem to devolve into Trump’s fault or Alt Left or Alt Right?

    This isn’t about politics at all for one. and two. The people that are the problem are the ones were arne’t talking about. Those that have been in Washington for DECADES.

  • John Danknich

    Wow. I am so surprised this sudden change of mind happen. So surprised.

  • iLeonD

    Anyone want to write a new article that the stations are talking about the team or are ya a bunch of fuckleberries?

  • Joe131

    That is an amazing amount of pettiness from CBS. I presume they were bitter because they didn’t get the rights contract. Nice to see there were enough people willing to back the team and force their hand.