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The 2017 NFL season is going to sound different on both CBS and Fox. As we told you earlier this month, there’s going to be a lineup shuffle for the NFL on Fox’s bottom tier of announcers. And at CBS, we already know Tony Romo will be replacing Phil Simms and there will be other changes coming as well.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the new lineups at both networks:

We start up top with Tony Romo. He’s joining the NFL on CBS’ “A” team with Jim Nantz. He’ll call both the top Sunday afternoon game for CBS as well as the first half of the Thursday Night Football package on both CBS and NFL Network.

With Romo in with Nantz, that means Phil Simms is out as lead analyst, but he’ll be joining the NFL Today so you won’t have heard the last of him. There was an opening on the NFL Today because Tony Gonzalez left for Fox.

Long-time analyst Solomon Wilcots announced that he was not returning to CBS and the network hired Hall of Fame wide receiver James Lofton from Westwood One Radio.

Over to Fox, Tony Gonzalez joins to become part of the Fox NFL Kickoff pregame at 11 a.m. ET. It’s not the same as being on at noon ET, but the gig is closer to his home in Southern California.

Jay Cutler will join the NFL on Fox’s “B” team with Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis.

Chris Myers confirmed that he’ll have a new partner this season:

So Johnston who had worked with Kenny Albert the past few seasons will be demoted to working with Myers.  That means Albert will have a new partner, perhaps that will be Ronde Barber.

Former ESPN’er Mark Schlereth will be part of the NFL on Fox. His partner is likely to be Dick Stockton.

So there’s going to be a lineup shuffle at both the NFL on CBS and the NFL on Fox. CBS especially prides itself on staying consistent, but it’s lineup will look much different in 2017.

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  • sportsfan365

    I am surprised that Romo would be on the “A” team right from the get go – but I’m sure he’ll be better than Simms, who clearly fell into a rut.

  • Dale Moog

    It has been confirmed that Barber will be working with Kenny Albert this year. Also I have heard that “STINK” will be working with Thom Brenaman replacing both Charles Davis who has moved up two the B team and Speilman who would be call College games.

    • footballfan

      Dale, I have no idea who “STINK” is. Who will be working with Brenaman?

    • footballfan

      Dale – who is STINK? Truly do not know who the person you are referring to is.

      • Dale Moog

        That was the nick name given to Mark Schaleath (Sorry about the spelling)

  • footballfan

    Daryl Johnston with Chris Meyers – an odd pairing. Why move up Ronde Barber with Kenny Albert, as they should be the lower team compared to Johnston and Meyers. And hiring Mark Schlereth?! Really? Fox should have hired Solomon Wilcots to be on one of their teams instead of Schlereth. Wow, Fox has the world’s worst announcing teams. Romo will do great in the booth compared to Cutler and is an upgrade over “Mr. Personality” Phil Simms. Romo is a nice guy and a professional and I think he will be the same way in the booth. Plus what is the deal with the graphics on Fox? Like an old 1980’s Atari game and so small. Very disappointed in the Fox announcing crew. Think of the lower teams on CBS Compared to FOX – Gumbel, Harlan, Dedes and Eagle with Green, Gannon, Fouts and Lofton – all great commentators. Fox has the D list crew on all of their announcing teams.

  • footballfan

    This is another bad move by Fox. Putting Ronde Barber on the C Team with Kenny Albert (who sounds as bad as his father when he announces)?! They should be the five or six team at best. Daryl Johnston would have been better being promoted back to his original position on the B team with Kevin Burkhardt, as Charles Davis and the boring and arrogant, self-absorbed Jay Cutler, as not B team worthy. Putting Johnston with Meyers is an odd pairing as well. Plus why the heck would you hire Mark Schlereth over Solomon Wilcots or even Ron Jaworski, who was interested in announcing for FOX after he was let go by ESPN. Schlereth? Really. Awful decision by Fox, whose graphics, by the way are like from a 1980’s Atari game. You can hardly see them and all of their announcing teams are awful. The only team I liked was Burkhardt and Lynch last year, and with Lynch managing the 49ers now his replacements suck.
    Romo will be good in the booth and deserves being on the A team. He is a class act, who was a great teammate in Dallas, and mentor for Dak Prescott and handled Prescott replacing him, rightfully, as starting quarterback, with class. A cadaver would be an upgrade over “Mr. Personality” Phil Simms, and one has to root for Romo to have a great career in broadcasting as he will do a great job.
    Look at the CBS Teams compared to FOX and CBS has great talent up and down their teams:

    B Team – Eagle/Fouts
    C Team – Gumbel/Green
    D Team – Harlan/Gannon
    E Team – Dedes/Lofton
    Look at the garbage teams FOX has:

    B Team – Burkhardt/Cutler/Davis (who never played in the NFL and cannot shut up in the booth)
    C Team – Albert/Barber (really?)

    D Team – Breneman/?
    E Team – Meyer/Johnston
    F Team – Stockton/Scherleth
    CBS is a much better broadcast to watch, especially with Simms gone.

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