The last time we wrote about former Washington tight end and current D.C. radio host Chris Cooley, an NFL linebacker was threatening to “smack the shit out of him.”

Now, the ESPN 980 talker has drawn our attention again, once again for provoking an NFL player, Washington safety Duke Ihenacho.

This latest feud started when Cooley “reported” that Ihenacho had acted unprofessionally this season because he was bitter about Josh Norman taking his number. Ihenacho wore No. 24 before Norman arrived last April, but given that he had worn No. 2 in college, No. 34 with the Broncos and No. 35 earlier in his time with Washington, it doesn’t seem like he was super attached to that number. He switched to No. 29 for this season.

Anyway, here’s what Cooley initially said about Ihenacho and Washington’s secondary:

You know it’s trouble when someone says, “And that’s not fact, and I have no real source on that.” Usually if you have no source on something, you shouldn’t say it on the radio, particularly if it has the potential to damage someone’s reputation.

Ihenacho had every right to be furious with Cooley for dragging him like that, but the safety responded pretty calmly.

Have you ever seen some respond so cooly to a guy libeling him? Ihenacho actually defended Cooley’s right to make up bullshit on the radio.

In this little spat with Cooley Ihenacho seems to be 1) right and 2) more mature. We’ll see if Cooley further fans the flames.

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