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The NFL’s ever-polarizing London games will be back in 2018, with three games spread across October, including the league’s first ever contest in Tottenham’s brand-new stadium.

After playing four games in London for the first time in 2017, the league cut back to the usual three for 2018. Two will be played at Wembley Stadium, site of all but three previous NFL London games, while one will be held at Tottenham’s yet-unnamed venue. Here are the matchups:

The 2018 London lineup provides a trio of interesting matchups. A year ago, Eagles-Jaguars would have sounded dull, but with both teams coming off division titles (and still alive in the playoffs), it should make for a good game in 2018. Raiders-Seahawks will feature a pair of talented teams looking to return to the postseason. And Titans-Chargers? Well, it could be worse.

This will be the first ever London game for Seattle, Philadelphia, and Tennessee, leaving the Panthers, Texans, and Packers as the only teams to never play across the pond (though Houston did face the Raiders in Mexico City in 2016). It will mark the sixth straight year Jacksonville has hosted a game in London, as well as the fourth London trip in five years for the Raiders, who lose a precious home game in what could be their final season in Oakland. The Chargers’ lone UK experience came back in 2008, in the NFL’s second ever London contest.

The NFL’s London series remains controversial among just about all interested parties. Players don’t like the overseas trips, fans miss the home games, and television executives fear the extra time slot is contributing to over-saturation and sapping ratings from pregame shows. Meanwhile, a recent survey found that Briton generally find the American football quite boring.

But the NFL and its team owners are forever interested in growing its game abroad, so the series goes on, and the Raiders, Seahawks, Jaguars, Eagles, Chargers and Titans have a long trip ahead of them.

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  • noonan18

    Players don’t like the overseas trips, fans miss the home games, television executives fear the extra time slot is contributing to over-saturation, sapping ratings from pregame shows. and Brits generally find American quite boring.

    But hey, lets keep scheduling them. [eye roll]

    • Oz

      Oh no! Not the pregame shows!

      • 66pugs99

        Agreed. Honestly, the pre-game shows deserve it, considering how they have somehow skirted the FCC rules and have become mostly commercials now. Or should we call it by the formal name The Fox , Burger King, Spiderman, built Ford tough, Papa Johns, Extrenze, Pre-game show.

        • inku palios

          Actually, the NFL is done with Papa John’s.

    • PAI

      If they sap pre-game ratings, I am all for them until they tap the sap dry out of them.

  • Brits generally find American football boring.
    Americans generally find soccer boring, yet there are always sellouts for when the European club teams come here for friendlies. There are enough fans to sell out the stadium. Same with American football in London.

  • BIG ED

    SEA/OAK and TEN/LAC could see in 1pm slot and PHI/JAX in 930am slot

    • Shawn Diiorio

      Would make the most sense, and PHI/JAX will probably be on NFL Network, and potentially streamed on Amazon or facebook or something like that as well.

  • DrewShervin

    I think Wentz is a longshot to be ready for week one coming off his injury. By 10/28 I would say almost 100% he would be playing by then. It should work out for well for NFL if that’s the case.

  • MrBull

    Nfl and this London crap just isn’t working…time the nfl to move on…look at these matchups for 2018:
    Old AFC rivals – Seattle at Oakland…Carroll vs. Gruden…the game would be a sellout and make a good MNF game…But, No!…
    Ratings are down..Attendance is falling…and the NFL schedules a high profile game for London!…How Stupid….
    Eagles vs. Jags…that game would draw better in Jacksonville then London…
    Titans vs. Chargers…again! You finally get football back in LA and then you schedule one less home game…great way to rebuild the fan bases…

  • sportsfan365

    More London = More Bad Football

  • george202