No matter if the Sunday Night Football game is a blowout or not, it’s always worth watching until the final whistle to see what kind of clever reference legendary broadcaster Al Michaels will make to the gambling lines. Last night’s Week 17 finale between the Packers and the Lions did not disappoint.

The game was well in hand with the Packers leading the Lions 31-17, but the over/under was not. Michaels’s first reference was a bit more out in the open than usual, saying the score was “just a little bit under where some folks would want to see this one wind up.”

And then with just 22 seconds left, Matthew Stafford threw what amounted to be a meaningless Hail Mary that was somehow caught in the endzone by Anquan Boldin. Michaels’ deadpan call of “hearts beating around the country right now” while the ball in the air was classic. And his “OVER-whelming” pun might be even better. This one ranks right up there with his Pro Bowl call from a couple of years ago.

Perhaps Al was extra motivated because of the homage Joe Buck paid to him and his famous gambling references earlier in the day.

It’s not quite “Do you believe in miracles? YES!” but it’s close. Congrats to Al Michaels on successfully winning his parlay with the late Lions touchdown.

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