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Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick and Jordyn Holman reported a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment by multiple NFL Network analysts, including ex-players Donovan McNabb, Heath Evans, Marshall Faulk, and Ike Taylor, as well as former NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger, now president of The Ringer.

Some of those former players have already been suspended pending an investigation:

News of the lawsuit first emerged back in October, but the details are new.

Via Bloomberg:

A former executive producer at the National Football League’s TV network and ex-players including Marshall Faulk and Heath Evans allegedly groped and made sexually explicit comments to female colleague Jami Cantor, according to an amended complaint by Cantor, a former employee.

The allegations against the retired players and Eric Weinberger, who’s now president of sports commentator Bill Simmons’s media group, are part of a lawsuit against NFL Enterprises in Los Angeles Superior Court. The amended complaint filed Monday detailed specific acts of harassment by several individuals who aren’t named as defendants.

That full piece is obviously worth reading, and the allegations are, at face value, not good for those named in the complaint:

Cantor, a wardrobe stylist at the NFL Network, said Weinberger sent “several nude pictures of himself and sexually explicit texts” and told her she was “put on earth to pleasure me.” He also pressed his crotch against Cantor’s shoulder and asked her to touch it, according to the complaint.

She said she was also sexually harassed by on-air talent. Faulk, who’s an NFL Network analyst, would ask Cantor “deeply personal and invasive questions” about her sex life and fondled her breasts and groped her behind, according to the complaint.

UPDATE: Weinberger has been placed on leave, according to a statement from The Ringer:

As for the former players:

Ike Taylor, also an analyst, sent Cantor “sexually inappropriate” pictures of himself and a video of him masturbating in the shower, according to the filing. Donovan McNabb, a former analyst, also texted her explicit comments, according to the compliant.

This isn’t the first issue of this kind for NFL Network; Michael Irvin is still under investigation for a separate allegation.

That the NFL Network has already suspended some of the talent involved should indicate how seriously they’re taking the allegations, and more details are likely forthcoming. Also likely forthcoming: more stories just like this one from the world of sports and sports media.


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  • inku palios

    And I have some shocking information about certain soccer analysts on both ESPN & Fox Sports One.

  • MrBull

    Not surprised one bit…wondering when Sports tv was going to be exposed…

  • Rey Henry

    it was only a matter of time. im surprised this hasnt happened sooner.
    sports tv is littered with ex-athletes who are accustomed to getting what they want when they want it.

  • OOS

    Thank You Kurt Warner for not being involved in this – it would have put a serious dent in my faith in humanity.

    • chaz

      Ya but Heath is a hard core evangelical too.

  • KJ

    Faulk was a great player but a greater real-life jerk. Seeing him around town in the StL when the Rams were here; He’s arrogant and emotionless when you meet him.. a baby mama professional and now Karma presents herself.. nice job, you f* perv!

  • captainern

    i’m glad they included a Caucasian in the mix

  • Patrick Owens

    Today’s “me too” momentum resembles an “Obama [withdrawal symptoms] bubble”. Women should create legal plans of action in case the bubble burst, because “bubble correction” could potentially cause Women’s words to fall to the ground as if they were in the 1800s, e.g. no credibility. Women are hard-wired to notice Men who talk slick, that’s why we have 7 Billion people alive today. Trying to rewire humanity’s sustainability at your own bubble’s risk compels me to offer the following encouragement: good luck.

    • diane baker

      Patrick, you are part of the problem. We don’t need “good luck” from guys like you, we need you to correct yourselves. Good luck.

  • StoJa

    Reading the details…’s almost too much to believe. I’ve read tamer Penthouse Forum letters. I’ve heard of A woman being harrassed by A man….but this many, doing stuff this graphic (this is sexual assault and borderline rape, not harrasment) , I dunno. It stretches the limits of believability. If it is true, though…good lord.

    • diane baker

      “Stretches the limits of believability” makes me think you are a man. Women don’t think this is hard to believe, AT ALL, unfortunately.

      • StoJa

        So you’re a woman. Have you read the details? Would YOU continue to work at a place where 7 guys were basically molesting you every single day…for four years? I’ve already read and heard some things that say she was complicite in this behavior…unitl she wasn’t. So she played along with them, even invited it, until she didn’t want to anymore. This is not a black and white, cut and dry issue. No woman on earth will stay at job where guys are grabbing her breast, whipping out there dicks, and etc etc etc.

        • JeffreyT419

          So you’re saying SHE’S the one who has to leave her job, and the guys keep their gig. OK…

          • StoJa

            Did I say they get to keep theirs? Process what I’m saying. She was a wardrobe director or whatever. Did she like ironing Warren Sapp’s dress shirts sooo much that she stayed and endured all this from 7 different guys so she could keep her job? It’s L.A. She could walk out the front door and get the same job at probably 20 different places on the same block. FUCK YES she should leave. Get the fuck out of that place. Report it HR and after the first time and if nothing happens YOU LEAVE that work enviornment. No job is worth that. Not one. This isn’t even about harrassment anymore. If what she accuses Eric Davis or Ike Taylor of, that’s straight up sexual assault. This Darren Sharper territory.

            You can’t tell me if this was your wife/girlfriend/mother/daughter you don’t tell her to LEAVE. THIS. JOB. If you’re Ok with sending her into that enviornment day after day just so she can “keep her job” you’re kinda of a monster yourself. Which is why, DIANE BAKER, I said there’s more to this story then what we know.

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