Jay Cutler’s 11-year NFL career is over, and he’s headed to the broadcast booth.

According to Fox Sports NFL reporter Peter Schrager, Cutler will join Fox’s football coverage, replacing John Lynch as an analyst alongside Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis. Lynch left that job to become general manager of the San Francisco 49ers back in January.

Cutler’s move to the booth ends an NFL career in which he passed for 32,467 yards passing (37th all-time) and 208 touchdowns against 146 interceptions for the Broncos and Bears . Chicago released him in March following an up-and-down eight years with the team.

Cutler becomes the second former Pro Bowl quarterback to retire this offseason and join a TV network, following Tony Romo, who was hired by CBS.

Though Cutler had a reputation for being a bit sour, media who covered him rave about the insight and charisma he showed when he wanted to, which will play well as an analyst if he can keep it up full-time.

Awful Announcing’s Jay Rigdon somewhat predicted Cutler’s move to broadcasting in January, writing that the former Bears quarterback could be even better on TV than Romo:

Just imagine Jay Cutler in the booth. Please imagine it. First of all, he’s more engaging than he gets credit for. Second, imagine relatively unfiltered Cutler, just firing off takes with the same lack of discrimination he sometimes demonstrated in the pocket. That, not Romo, would be a dream scenario for viewers.

It’s easy to imagine Cutler seeming dry and boring on game broadcasts. It’s also not hard to see him being engaging. We’ll find out next fall.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Adam Schefter says Cutler had real options to continue his NFL career but chose broadcasting instead.

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  • Daniel Ormsby

    Fox has confirmed the announcement and revealed that Pam Oliver is returning as the sideline reporter for the team.

    So Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis, Jay, Cutler, Pam Oliver are the #2 team for Fox this upcoming season.

  • Morgan Wick

    Wait, they’re making it a three-man booth? That just leaves a different hole to fill in the Thom Brennaman team!

    • Shawn Diiorio

      Chris Spielman probably moves into that spot.

  • jetsfan

    Horrible move by Fox. Cutler does not even merit being on the five or six team, but the B team? He is a poor man’s Tony Romo as the Romo move is a much better hire by CBS compared to this move. Shows why the NFL on CBS is better than FOX. Plus Charles Davis? The man who never shuts up and failed in the NFL on the B team? Poor Burkhardt as this team is not a B team and is awful. Fox should have moved Chris Spielman to the B team with Burkhardt or put Johnston back on the B team. John Lynch was going to be difficult to replace but I expected a much more better pick from Fox. And why is Gus Johnson not calling games for FOX NFL than the garbage college games he gets each week? CBS from top team to bottom team is much more talented than FOX. Horrible move by Fox.

    • Shawn Diiorio

      Your username is “Jetsfan” This instantly makes your opinion terrible.

    • MrBull

      What’s with all the play hating?…its not like Cutler was a former Jet QB…oh, wait!..the Jets need a QB and Cutler by passed them for the Fox job….

    • PeteF3

      Who on earth evaluates commentators by their NFL career? Cris Collinsworth had a fine but not otherworldly career, do you think Eric Dickerson would be a better option for commentary?

      • DrewShervin

        Your comparing Chris Collingsworth who had a successful NFL career to Jay Cutler who was mediocre at best.

        • PeteF3

          I compared him to Eric Dickerson, who had an even more successful career but was a disaster as a member of the media.

  • Shawn Diiorio

    Putting him in a 3 Man booth with Burkhardt and Davis is probably a good idea, and the best way to bring him along. Time will tell if it works.

  • sportsfan365

    Retirement was the correct move for Cutler, as he had clearly lost his passion for playing the game. I think putting quarterbacks in the broadcast booth is generally a good move, as years of film study has prepared them well for the top-down view of the field. Too bad most of them are so afraid of offending players they know that they won’t give you a 100% accurate analysis.

  • A.J.

    You’d think with all that money, Cutler would finally have that face mole removed. The guy’s face mole was made fun of on “South Park.” I know if I was mocked on that show, the face mole would be gone tomorrow.

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